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Author Topic: sexy_natasha212  (Read 914 times)

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Offline HughJardon

https://www.adultwork.com/2369603 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fnatasha212

Decided to visit Natasha in the Roath area of Cardiff near the George Pub, as I was at a loose end, not a normal fan of Romas but she sounded honest

Phoned her to enquire for 30 mins, Comms were excellent, really friendly sassy cute voice, initially testing the water but after the phone call and looking at profile pics etc decided to take the plunge.
Met Natasha at the door, she was wearing casual clothes, tracky pants T-shirt, she gave me a kiss on entry and was very tactile, I got that warm feeling that this is gonna be a good night after all.
Went into the room, not a great Flat decor wise, but had a bed, it was clean.. good enough.
Paid her the £60 pound which was swiped out of my grasp in seconds, changed, lay on bed. We then indulged in some light kissing no DFK, she then went south on me (covered) technique was, well what youd expect of a 19/20 year old, hardly any technique or love for the Cock she stopped just as I was hard enough, would of liked longer but hey ho !!
She then straddled me in a "riding" position, As soon as my penis entered her snizz the clouds darkened, her mood changed and she uttered thoses words that would make any man Cringe "cum for me baby" Ha not me, from there on it was a race to get my nuts emptied get me out and onto the next 60 pounder, for that reason I wont be returning.
Got home later that night and didnt really regret it, she is a hot piece of ass, but this type of lady is just a mechanism for churning out money and sending it home.

If anyone needs more info Ask away

4 review(s) found for sexy_natasha212 linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Hi Hugh, I have to say I had a very similar experience up to the point of the sex, once we got down to it she was fine changing positions - we started off with the riding which I thought was quite sexy, moved on to Mish & Doggy before going back to riding which finished me off.

I didn't get the impression she was rushing me out the door, in fact afterwards she laid down next to me for a bit.

Perhaps you had her on a bad day - or me on a good day!

Offline HughJardon

Oscar, yes its quite possible, i did leave it late as well so she may have been tired or had other clients who acted up. When i left i did think i should of gone to sexy amy situated around the corner, maybe i need to adjust my punting times to before 8pm or earlier, had sum crap punts of late, off to see yaya thai tomorrow hope thats better.

Offline ledley

Im very tempted by this girl. I appreciate your neutral view here, this group of girls all seem hot but general theme appears to be disinterest and laziness. For £60 if they are very good looking and actually only 19 i may overlook the negatives and give it a stab

Offline HughJardon

Ledley, yes it wasnt a complete write off hence the Neutral view, Id love to hear other peoples views on this cute WG, although if someone comes back and says time of my life she rocked my world and look after this one gents , Im not lying it would  sting a little, but then Id just unload on another lady of pleasure     :hi:

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