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Author Topic: Lousie 100% British  (Read 948 times)

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Offline stupunt

I had been looking for a punt with Louise for a while as she is fairly local and advertises quite widely. Also her personal website is professionally executed and she had received some good reviews.
Having opted for 30 mins. at £80 I went to her flat in Farnborough feeling excited and a bit nervous - not sure why but it could be that experiences with British girls have nevr been quite as enjoyable as those with foreigners. The flat was discrete, modern and clean and Lousie met me at the door. Although she is quite good looking, I would say that she had definitely hired a good photographer! She was quite a bit chunkier than I expected and not as tanned and fit as her pics. suggest. However she had a nice smile, gorgeous eyes and was quite friendly. After the paperwork and a bit of chat she did put me at my ease with some gentle French kissing on the bed. Louise is a sensual kisser but her mouth tasted bitter because she had been smoking which wasn't too pleasant. We undressed and I cupped her decently proportioned tits in my hands and fondled her pink nipples before lying on the bed where she turned her attention to my rapidly hardening cock. She has a great sucking technique - just the right pressure and rhythm and she looks at you with her big eyes which is a real turn on. More kissing and stroking, and then she ordered me stand in front of her while she knelt on the bed and really went to work on me. I needed to hold back from cumming because I really wanted to taste her smooth mish. I wasn't disappointed as she then sat astride my face, bent forward to suck me more as I lapped away at her labia. Tempted though I was to let her keep going and lose my jizz in her soft mouth I knew I wanted to experience being inside her, so we had to stop, get covered and then go doggy. Louise raised her (fairly big) bum up high and I stood on the floor and entered her deeply. It was great to watch my phallus moving in and out of her mish and seeing her starfish flinch. She is not that tight and I began to lose the hardness I'd had, so I lay back on the bed and Louise took me in hand (and mouth) until I lost my mess. It was such a relief that I started laughing and Lousie did too, as my spunk dripped off her hands and lips. We cleaned up said our goodbyes and I left. So, a nice girl, not a bad experience but for me perhaps not quite as good as Polish pussy!!  Stupunt.

https://www.adultwork.com/942436 or https://www.adultwork.com/Louise+100%25+British
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9 review(s) found for Louise-XXX linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline G-style

A neutral seems a bit harsh! Laughing and spunk dripping of her lips.....
Well each to their own.

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