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Author Topic: Petite Roxy Whitechapel  (Read 5397 times)

3 review(s) for ~SEXY ROXY (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online NightKid

... why would i do that?

Because there's a strong whiff of dodginess about you?  :rolleyes:

Offline intana

This looks like a case of false review or a WG acting a s a punter...and doing multiple reviews for their group

@intana: - What is all the fuss about 106 posts and no proper review (you want to get all the info but give none) please can you tell us from your amazing experiences of clean white teeth and nice smelling pussies.  :rolleyes:

victor i agree with you I have no specific proper review. i have reviewed girls but i gave my input based on girls already reviewed(adding to existing thread).
i agree on my next punt i shall make a proper one. expect one by end of august
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Offline chelsea1962

Because there's a strong whiff of dodginess about you?  :rolleyes:
Your nose is probably up your own arse mate ;)

No tatts

Remember those swallow tatts same girl.

This is the whiff of dodginess that NightKid was talking about.

How the hell could you fail to remember that she has tattoos of a flock of swallows all the way down her shoulder/back, as well as the other one on her forearm?

Sorry but I am now convinced this review is fake and you are full of shit. If you saw the girl, you wouldn't say 'no tatts.'

Care to explain?

Offline chelsea1962

I saw 2 girls in the space of 2 hours I only briefly saw her back in doggy I dont  lie about punts if you dont want to see her dont bother.
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Before posting here use a language translator rather than posting bollocks  :thumbsdown:

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