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Author Topic: =NICOLLE= Bait and switch and services not as advertised  (Read 449 times)

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Offline Quesadilla

https://www.adultwork.com/2395845 or https://www.adultwork.com/%3DNICOLLE%3D

Very disappointing - very nice pics on the profile and her services list ticked all my boxes so I booked to see her today.

Some of the key services she particularly calls out in her profile text:
Anal / CIM / GFE / Rimming. 

Her "likes" also mention "being filmed", "deep throat", "French kissing", "rimming - giving/receiving", "swallow".

Now in fairness I did not confirm all of the above on the phone when booking because in her FAQ she says:

I know, I know I still should have verified, but having had some really good experiences of late I guess I got lazy.

She was booked into a local hotel which was not ideal as it had a wedding party in so was very busy - lots of people running all over the place.  She tells me to come up to the first floor to a specific room number but when I get to the first floor there's a key entry system and of course I have no key.

By the time I get her on the phone to tell her to come open the door somebody else comes up and I manage to follow them through.  Not ideal.  It was a hot day and so I'm feeling a bit hot and bothered.

In the room the curtains are all drawn so it's a bit dim and at first I can't actually tell that it's not the girl from the profile pics. Don't get me wrong, she's not awful or anything but as time moves on it's obviously not the same girl.

First thing she says as I come through the door is "I don't do anal".  Ok, well bummer :P but I laugh it off and move on.

Next, I'd brought my camera and tripod to get a souvenir video and she tells me I can video - but not her face!  Not sure how that could possibly work so I give up on that idea as well.  I know, I should have just left but I was all set for a punt by this stage. 

She is Romanian as advertised and has only been in the country 4 months so her English is not great which makes communication a bit difficult.

As we go on it becomes clear that french kissing, CIM, rimming and deep throat are also all off the menu but I only find out in dribs and drabs. 

She makes very little eye contact and generally just goes through the motions - hardly the advertised GFE. 

To be fair - it wasn't awful - she was a nice enough girl, cute little body, and when I started to get quite hot she put a little desk fan on for me and offered me a drink - all very polite and helpful. 

But as punts go it was very disappointing - definitely not as advertised and definitely not the girl in the pics.
I obviously take a lot of responsibility for just not stating what I wanted when I phoned up - but the profile is clearly a bait and switch - not just the pics but the services offered. Avoid.
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

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