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Author Topic: Jenna Jones of Temptations MK / Larissa of Lady Marmalade Parties  (Read 599 times)

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This past year my punting has almost exclusively consisted of partying at Lady Marmalade Parties. I've met lots of nice girls there, some of whom are still there, some not, but who I've also spotted working elsewhere. I know a lot of guys don't like the party format, but maybe would like to meet the girls 1-2-1, so I'm doing a series of brief reviews to give a flavour of the experiences I've had with each girl and to indicate where else she is available, at a parlour or on AW as an indie...here is another...

I met Jenna/Larissa just once at LMP last week and she made quite an impression on me and when I asked she told me she was also working as Jenna Jones at Temptations parlour in CMK, I thought a review would be helpful. I believe she was previously there as Larissa LaRosa.

She claims Italian heritage, which usually means Romanian, but this time might well mean Brazilian, but maybe of Italian extraction as many Brazilians are. She certainly spoke a lot of Italian and made a convincing play of it.

Jenna/Larissa is a sweet girl. I got to share her with an older guy, he was cool as we spitroasted her, then he made way so that I could have a go in mish, I was kneeling there pumping away, watching my cock stretch her pussy lips apart everytime I thrusted, then seeing her gobble greedily on the other guy's salami and it just pushed me over the edge into a copious climax. She's got a nice, compliant, smiley way about her...the other guy was revelling in the sight of her plump rear and wide hips in doggy and he reckoned she was the nicest girl at the party that day...I'd be hard-pushed to disagree.

Neutral points: Her body wasn't toned to perfection like some girls there. She was just a nice, soft femenine girl with a pleasant face and an easygoing, unassuming attitude...she may well not be everyone's type due to the lack of tone and enhanced boobs...but I really enjoyed her and she was the only one who got me there!  :thumbsup:

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