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Author Topic: Jayda - LadyMarmaladeParties / House of Divine London / Annabellas MK  (Read 2280 times)

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Offline vt

This past year my punting has almost exclusively consisted of partying at Lady Marmalade Parties. I've met lots of nice girls there, some of whom are still there, some not, but who I've also spotted working elsewhere. I know a lot of guys don't like the party format, but maybe would like to meet the girls 1-2-1, so I'm doing a series of brief reviews to give a flavour of the experiences I've had with each girl and to indicate where else she is available, at a parlour or on AW as an indie...here is another...




I've seen Jayda 11 times at LMP in the last 2 years since she reappeared there after a break. She is probably the girl I've seen most over that time-frame, mostly because a day that had her on the line-up was a very attractive prospect indeed, because IMHO she is one of the best-looking girls there.

I'll try not to go into superlatives because she's not a supermodel, but if you like tall, blonde good-looking late 20s Baltic women you won't be disappointed. A pretty girl-next-door face framed with a Charlie's Angels blonde fringe and tall 5'10" firm body with nicely weighted naturals. Her legs are long, shapely & strong...definitely a head-turner on the street...I did see her out & about in her civvies once, she smiled in acknowledgment. Here are some candid pics from Twitter...


Jayda is a sweet, good-natured girl...the sort you could easily fall in love with. She's a bit unsure of herself, which is amazing considering what a statuesque beauty she really is...maybe she's self-conscious of her height. :unknown:

Neutral points: When it comes to service she is very skilled and responds nicely too, she definitely seems to enjoy herself and always works hard to please, but don't expect fireworks from this cool, calm lady...a subdued, sensual service is what she does best.

This is definitely a girl I would really like to see 1-2-1, in the hope that she would let her guard down completely and give full rein to her passion, now she is available in an easy-accessible place to me...just need a bigger budget!   :rolleyes:

Offline 1dt

what strikes me most about her...is that she looks delicious in her twitter pics...says something that she can look so good in off the cuff pics  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Fantasist. Do not trust any post by this person.

Offline vt

what strikes me most about her...is that she looks delicious in her twitter pics...says something that she can look so good in off the cuff pics  :thumbsup:

Some are taken from awkward angles and aren't as flattering...  ;)



...but you can't see her beautiful face either!

Offline iPad3

I've partied with Jayda, she's fit as fuck and a lovely girl with it..... Highly recommended!!!

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Fair review as ever VT.

I've had the pleasure of partying with Jayda 5 times at LMP and 2 of those were very memorable encounters. She's gone up a notch since my review of a number of LMP girls. She is a pretty girl, particularly when she sweeps her long blonde locks away from her face and makes eye contact with you. She will engage in a bit of light kissing and she gyrated fantastically on me in cowgirl the last time I saw her. Would also love to see her fully unleash herself.

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