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Author Topic: Cheap Punting.  (Read 6648 times)

Offline kirp

FFS why does every thread on this forum seem to end up as a personal attack on TeenKylie? Try getting a life instead of pointing out the grammatical misuse of "your". No one cares.

TK why don't you just ignore these trolls? For what it's worth, I like reading your posts. I think you're feisty, funny and gorgeous and if I lived or worked within 50 miles of Chelmsford I'd be off to see you like a shot.

Oh and your new avatar looks great.

could you kiss ass any harder?

Offline Sailormack

could you kiss ass any harder?

I wouldn't like to inspect the colour of his tongue  :scare:

Offline outofthegame

Not punted for 2 years now but my experience was that money didn't always equal quality. I used a couple of parlours up north and they had a standard price list. I met girls who I had intense wonderful times with and others who had me clock watching. 

I think part of it is to do with chemistry but sometime is spoiled by chemicals...

Offline yumyum3

In my experience money has nothing to do with quality of punt.
I'm much more discerning now I'm older and also would not pay the high prices some idiots (according to PN field reports) seem to :vomit:
I have noticed this half hour/hour ratio which is slightly annoying for me because at present I will only opt for the half hour with a new punt. Having said that, I think £60-70 for good punt and full service seems a reasonable price at present. I do hope prices do fall even further though. In the normal world even £50 an hour is a good wage and kind of money only those with high qualifications could expect to earn :)

Offline eli69

How does a banned member post?

Online Jimmyredcab

How does a banned member post?

They can't ---------------- but when someone is banned their old posts remain online.   ;)

Offline eli69

Oh right I see now I didn't realise its an old thread didn't look at he dates

Offline Aitch1944

Surely you have to do something REALLY BAD to get Banned ?

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