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Author Topic: jannine_hottest-babe Ilford IG1 Redbridge  (Read 1149 times)

7 review(s) for jannine_hottest-babe (3 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Offline helmsdale

Recommended for quicky sex.

Impeccable beauty
Good vanilla sex

Insufficient client focus
Limited menu of services

Excellent, I was given postcode before I made appointment.
Despite AW profile giving IG11 is actually in IG1 about 10 minutes walk from Ilford Station in the direction of Ley Street. A house in a residential street.
Small box room just wide enough to fit in a double bed and a wardrobe and chair near the door. Didn't feel claustrophbic and the bed was comfortable.
Is a petite young Romanian woman. I would say 24 is about right for her age.
If she was about 5`10" tall instead of 5", she could be a super model. Her skin and hair are perfect and she has a light all over tan. Apart from a piercing near the mouth, she is free of body markings. Very clean, no issues. Personality has a gentle and cheerful manner.
Paid £50 for half an hour. Jannine has very limited English and said didn't do kissing when asked and wouldn't lie on the bed next to me for foreplay when motioned to. Instead she motioned me to lie on my back and she got on top and rode me in cow girl. Her breasts are small but have a lovely shape and are very pert and nipples respond well to touch. She put a lot of energy into cow girl for quite some  time. She sat upright the whole time and didn't lean into my face. Eventually, she stopped, got off and got back on again, this time in reverse cowgirl. She really gripped my calfs with both hands and gave me an even more energetic ride. Needless to say she has a lovely pert bum and I had a good fondle of it.

Eventually, she dismounted and looked a bit surprise that I hadn't come. So it was onto missionary position. But she gripped my dick, initially stopping full penetration but then she relaxed her grip a bit and it was really just guiding me in. And then midway during this she started looking at her watch she was wearing, it wasn't just a quick glance, it was five seconds at least. Jannine has such a hot body it was impossible for me not to come. I was expecting her to wriggle loose straight away but she allowed my breathing to get back to normal again before getting up.

Jannine got dressed really quickly and I still had nine minutes of my appointment to go and I started a bit late into my appointment. I was not going to do anything in the remaining nine minutes but my feeling was that Jannine's game plan was to get her customers to come as quickly as possible and out of the room. But I can't be cettain of this. I got dressed and she did ask me one little question but on the whole didn't try anything that would make me want to book her a second time. Good WG's know that the punt ends when the customer leaves the premises not when they have come. A lot of this could be just down to inexperience, Jannine seems to be a nice girl, on the other hand maybe she thinks that having a hot body is sufficient and she doesn't have to make the effort.

I declined oral, so don't know if she is any good at this. I got wet wiped so probably she does OWO. I didn't attempt oral on her, so no idea if she like her pussy being licked or touched.
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Offline helmsdale

Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

7 review(s) found for jannine_hottest-babe linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Thanks for the review. Sorry that the overall service did not add up to the looks. 

Offline helmsdale

Up to now I have been very lucky with the Romanian girls I have seen but Jannine was by no means a disaster and I would quite like to see her again because she is so fit.
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

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