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Offline Conwy

Hi, all.

I had originally contacted Honey more than a year previously and had promised to contrive a booking as soon as our mutual dates worked out. Even though I had have declared a hiatus to my punting activities, the fact that Honey was in London on a perfect date and time caused me to contact her, in order to make good my promise. So, for one day only, Conwy's Monty was persuaded out of retirement.


Honey’s communications were excellent.

I read elsewhere on UKP that her comms had been erratic. From our conversations, I think that she is quite "picky" so it is quite possible for a punter not to be taken up, even if he has no black marks on his cv.

Honey, in her own words, “Is not everybody’s cup of tea.”  Before booking, I was already fairly certain that she was right for me, based upon her association with the lovely Adele and the fact that she has repeat visits from clients who favour the same girls as I do. Yes, if she suddenly turned into gym bunny, she could lose 2-3 inches from her waist, but she is entirely comfortable with her body and so am I.

I expected Honey to be as her description of “Curvy, not a stick”; to be very talkative and this was exactly how she is.

I like to chat to a girl to just relax into a booking and we nattered away at a great rate of knots until Honey stroked me. “WHAT are you hiding under there?” she exclaimed. It was a bicep, of course (what else) but Honey was sufficiently intrigued to request me to get my kit off, without delay, so that she could perform a full inspection. There is something end paradoxical about a girl with Honey’s curves passing compliments upon the physique of someone more than twice her age, but it just shows how good she is at making a guy feel totally welcome in her company.

Shortly afterwards, Honey was crouching in front of me, giving me an exquisite BJ before ordering me, in quite a forceful tone, to place myself on the bed, losing her dress en route. What followed was more than half an hour of Honey slurping me, tit-wanking me and bouncing on me in cowgirl position before announcing that she was going to BJ me until I came, then drool my spunk on her tits. She was true to her word, although I resisted her teasing lips and dirty talk for as long as I could. Then I enjoyed licking the outcome from her magnificent HH’s as best I could.
While Honey was in the bathroom removing anything which I had missed, I unpacked my trusty blindfold ready for the next phase. Honey likes role-play and she was to be a prototype “Marilyn” doll being tested for authentic responses by the famous Dr Lech.  So, she donned the blindfold, the Louboutins and the testing began.

Early on, Honey was playing her role perfectly. However, before I lifted her onto the bed, she was losing focus, before she reached the point where she was so absorbed in the experience as to fall silent, apart from moans of pleasure. The only words which passed her lips were a request to introduce her vibrator into the scenario. It was under the influence of my tongue and said vibrator that Honey arrived at the point where she swore.

As she recovered, she said that she was surprised that, by now, there could still be points on her body that she was unaware that could prove so erotic. That is another reason why Honey is my sort of girl. She was sufficiently relaxed to let me search and then so prepared to get into the spirit of the moment just to enjoy going with the flow of what was happening

I pointed out that our two hours had flown by and that I should get out of her hair. Honey asked me if I wanted a shower, which I gratefully accepted and I eventually left with the impression that Honey was reluctant for me to leave.
Just a couple of notes. Normally, I don't comment upon aspects of a girl’s features in isolation. However, I am going to make an exception here. Others have commented upon Honey’s two prominent features, which from my perspective are less vital than her face and personality. There were a couple of occasions when Honey, artfully but deliberately, presented me with a full display of her derrière. There will be some of you who really appreciate bums who would be hard-pressed to decide which way Honey should turn, believe me.

Also, Honey has the tiniest hands and daintiest feet which I can recall seeing.


7 review(s) found for BRITISHBUSTYHONEY linked to in above post (3 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Great review, thanks. Straight onto my HL!
Ah, I see someone else has got there first with the generic link..
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