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Author Topic: Justine Douleur of Adultwork  (Read 1609 times)

8 review(s) for Justine Douleur (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline themademan2


Took a lot of patience, but was worth it, very busy girl!
Had agreed originally to some car sex with me, couple of hours before the meet, I thought I would work my magic and see if we could check into a hotel, just so we could have a proper session. Justine was a gem, picked her up jesmond metro and went to a hotel in jesmond at my expense... She checked in while I waited for the text for me to come up.

As described by highlander and as u can see in her pics, girl next door looks with milky white skin. She was dressed discretely in jeans and tight black top when I picked her up.

Wasn't after such a hardcore session as the last reviewer had, started off with French kissing, while I fingered her ass and pussy, had 4 fingers up her ass at one point. Her owo DEEPTHROAT is the best out there, licking balls while cock deep down her throat. Rubber on, cowgirl anal, doggy anal, she wanted it hard and fast up her ass, switched to mouth then to pussy, then to ass again, what a PSE style experience! Finally came in her ass.  She gave a lovely oily massage whilst I recovered.  Round 2 started with her rimming me, owo DEEPTHROAT, then face fucked her at the edge of bed for a good 5 mins, she was gasping for air but didn't stop, cim with swallow. Showered both of us then left hotel together.
Well worth the visit, especially as I'm away out the country for a couple of weeks soon!
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8 review(s) found for Justine Douleur linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Bengeo13

She really seems to be a bit special! But difficult to book!
Note to self - must try harder!

Offline ManInBlack

Nice review, looking forward to my booking later this week.  Has been a long time trying to arrange it but glad to hear the service offered makes waiting worth it

Offline Greco

Appointment booked for Monday night, i'm after pretty much the same thing as you so this bodes well for me having a very good time.

Offline Highlander

Good review, thanks. She's a ridiculously good f*ck! Best around at the mo IMHO.

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