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Author Topic: Genoa, Italy  (Read 641 times)

Offline h_boy

Just a brief summary of my experiences in Genoa, Italy, for anyone who is interested.

While wandering through the city one evening, I stumbled upon a long colonnaded area (Piazza Caricamento) near the port. During the day, it is fairly unremarkable, but at night, almost the whole length of it is lined with African women, stood or sat on chairs. The more reserved ones just look at you as you walk past, but others will grab you & talk to you, trying to lead you away with them.

 I met with a few different girls there. They were all cheap for a short time (about €35 max). Each led me down a maze of alleyways typical of the city, to a small apartment that they shared with other girls. None of them spoke particularly good English. In one instance, the room I was led into was a bed in the entrance lobby of the rest of the apartment. When I left, another guy was waiting with his girl, in a niche by the entrance to avoid disturbing us.

Quality of the experience varied a lot. Some girls insisted on basic missionary only & rushed you, others were more adventurous, although there was still a tendency to try & charge extra to see their breasts etc.

I would rate the experience between poor to average at best.

Apparently there are many other areas in the city to find girls, but I didn't come across any others in the limited time that I spent there.

I spent a day in Genoa whilst holidaying in Italy earlier in the year and found it an experience like no other - enormous 6 story renaissance palazzos blocking out the sky and narrow graffiti strewn alleyways occupied by heavily made up hookers exactly as you describe - desperate for business and innumerable. I didn't take advantage of any of them - far too scared - but it was a genuinely remarkable experience. But this was during the DAY - God knows what it must have been like at night....

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