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Author Topic: Planning and what works for you?  (Read 335 times)

Just reading the 15mins thread, exposing what punting is stripped down to the core and I'm thinking the same thing - but it's does take planning and knowing exactly what you are going to do.

I find that 30mins punts work well for me. I normally drop my load round about the 20mins mark and have a chat/massage for the remaining 10mins. I'm think I can stretch out cummimg with fingering, general foreplay, foot fetish - then drop my load near the 30min mark, cutting out chit chat/massage or any nonsense.

What I've started to do over the last few punts is take a piece of paper with a list of all the services I require and go through the list one by one with the prossie. Pretty funny thinking about it, but it does work. A couple have said they like going through everything that way because they know exactly where they stand, no surprises - You are exposed by their attitude if they don't approve anything on the list and can walk away.

Here's a plan of my future punts:

5-10 mins - Starting with DFK, OWO, playing with my cock, 69er
10-20 mins - Reverse oral, rimming, fingering and more DFK
20-25 mins - penetration or OWO whilst fingering her or playing with cock whilst DFK.
25-30 mins - OWO whilst CIM/SWALLOW, foot fetish or DFK whilst wanking on her tits.

If my punts work out like that, my punts would be very good VFM.  The only prolong things I need from punting is DFK and fingering. With OWO I need to be doing something else like fingering/licking pussy or I get bored with it very quickly.

It's pointless talking to prossies. I can talk to women at work or outside a bar/nightclub for free. Why pay to have meaningless chit chat with a prossie. I know a lot of punters like it and some prossies can be really good to talk to, but you must be thinking I didn't need that extra hour just to talk about her medical condition, life back in Poland, her part-time job and all that bollocks.

I think 15mins is too quick for me, seems very rushed and too much to jam in with very little time.

Some punters book 2-3 hours and cum more than once. Spending £200-400 on a punt is a lot money - if it suits the punter, why not? Do you sometimes feel I only needed 1hr or 1hr and 30mins to do what I needed to do? I didn't need that extra 1hr talking, faux romance.

If the prossie is really good, 30mins is sometimes not enough. It might be her sexy eye contact, willingness to please, cheerful personality that makes you stay for longer.

My conclusion is book 30mins to test out the water with a prossie, see what she offers. If she is really good book her for 1hr or stick to 30mins if it get's the job done. 90% of the time, I only cum once so a 1hr plus punt doesn't benefit me.

Some punters just stick to one or two prossies and don't experiment. I need variety and it can be hit or miss. The benefit of a regular is you sometimes you push the boundaries, extra time and they know what you like.

Sorry, this should be in the general topics. Can admin transfer this topic. Thanks


30 mins for me is rushed. I like 1 hour min.  I had a mindblowing booking with a WG a few weeks back which was basically 50 minutes of kinky foreplay, followed by about 5 minutes of shagging, followed by about 15 minutes recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm it produced.    90 mins -> 2 hours is great for a two cum punt. I have done some 3 hour ones which feel they could have been compressed, but the 3rd hour usually comes at a steep discount, so no great loss.

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