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Author Topic: Karala31 Nottinghamshire  (Read 1477 times)

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Roland D Hay

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I had a very enjoyable half hour punt with Karla this afternoon after she bid on my reverse booking... first time I can remember in a long time that a RB has paid off. There's really no need for me to tell you what she looks like as her gallery pics are very accurate; I checked out her private gallery as soon as she had bid, liked what I saw and accepted the booking. My only requirements were, no fake tits and no fairground tattooed ladies, Karla has a medium sized tattoo on her back but thankfully hadn't committed the cardinal sin of having one done on her tits. That really would have been a shame because she has such great tits!
I really messed up on the day because bizarrely when I woke up my wrist watch was running 90 minutes slow and working from home I didn't notice to correct it. Anyway I set off in plenty of time, or so I thought, and I received a message from Karla saying that she assumed I wasn't coming now. It was a very pleasant message given that I was unknowingly running 40 minutes late for the appointment and it probably speaks volume that she responded so reasonably given the fact she thought I had let her down without notice. It was only when I called Karla to say that I was on my way that I realised my mistake... what a fuckwit!
So I arrived around 90 minutes late but was met by a very pleasant and very chatty Karla, I thought we clicked pretty much straight away; she is a chatterbox but she is also very open when it comes to talking about sex. She doesn't mind asking what you like or telling you what she likes but generally I just think we felt equally relaxed in each others company which is always a good start. We were chatting about what she should wear and she suggested a body stocking she had bought and went off to get changed into it, I was so glad she did. She walked into the bedroom with this thing on and her nipples were poking through the fishnet material which immediately made me horny. I really needed a girl with the slut factor today after a couple of recent mediocre punts and Karla had exactly that... this became apparent when she asked me to stand up so she could suck my cock with her on her back, head hanging off the edge of the bed so I could see her pussy and tits. Her pussy got incredibly wet and you just know when the girl enjoys sex; in fact, she asked me to fuck her doggy style because I think she liked my cock, alright you might  argue that she says that to all the boys, but it all felt very spontaneous, unrehearsed and enjoyable. I genuinely wished I'd booked longer but there'll be a next time when I suspect that there'll be a lot more to explore with Karla. I can genuinely see me becoming a regular with this girl because she gives me the horn. A couple of things that one or two might see as negative but didn't bother me, Karla smokes and even had a drink when I got there; she doesn't see a lot of punters and I think she likes a drink to ease the nerves, she was perfectly sober though and I'd have walked if she'd been pissed. She also doesn't do DFK, I only found this out during discussion because I never want DFK with working girls, it's a personal thing and not something that I particularly want to do with working girls; I'm pretty sure Karla felt the same way but if that's your thing then Karla makes up for it in so many other ways! In general terms she was like that attractive girl next door type, she is very upbeat and bubbly which makes a pleasant change from some of the girls I've seen recently. Thankfully this is another girl I've found who is relatively local to me who does this for the right reasons, primarily because she loves sex and particularly loves sucking cock. I think I overstayed by a good twenty minutes afterwards due to chatting so she's certainly not a clock watcher. I'm genuinely looking forward to a return visit.

4 review(s) found for karala31 linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Kingy28

I've seen Karla half a dozen times as outcalls. She bid on one of my reverse bookings & I had no hesitation in contacting her for some repeat performances.

She is very friendly, chatty, open & honest. Pretty with a nice pair of natural DDs. In bed she is filthy, loves spunk & does her best to drain you.

In my opinion, she is certainly work booking.

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