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Author Topic: Booking a hotel for an outcall  (Read 596 times)

Offline ManInBlack

I'm seeing an outcall only girl this week, and have booked the campanile in Washington as it had a good rate available with decent ability to cancel if anything goes wrong (guess this can also be a heads up if anyone's looking for somewhere).

Does anyone have any experience of using this hotel?  Is it fairly discreet for getting in and out?  What's the check out process, can you just up and leave without having to hand keys in as i plan to only be there a couple of hours and don't really want to go back to reception after the punt.

Cheers in advance

Yeah its good. Seperate bedroom block with coded access door. No need to go to reception or main part of hotel.

Offline ManInBlack

Cheers, have you stayed there or just visited?

My main concern is checking out, wonder if it's the type of place you can abandon the room and head off or whether you need to go to reception to check out?

Just visited. Imagine you need to check out though.

Offline yorkshire123

Stopped there once when i was working up north once, 90% sure i just dropped the key into a box near reception.
I wouldn't worry about leaving after a few hours, these budget hotels are used to people coming & going at all hours as they are used by people who have early hour flights or travellers just wanting a short rest before moving on.
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Offline ManInBlack

Cheers for the feedback.

I'll see how it goes on the day.  If i bottle checking out after a couple of hours it's only a few miles away from home so i could go back the next day to check out.  Probably a bit extreme to be doing that mind  :dash:

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