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Author Topic: Lucylonglegs  (Read 2014 times)

12 review(s) for Lucy Longlegs (11 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

I have been interested in the stuff on this site about this girl positive/negative etc....... I like skinny girls but I like PRETTY girls more, anyway I emailed Lucy and got her number, we chatted and sounds cool and asked for some pictures. She said that she has a picture now on AW what do I want?

She offered to send a face pic so I said yep thats what I want, I received one from another different girl and did NOT like what I saw. Eventually when the emailworld sorted itself out and we chatted more I downloaded the picture Lucy sent me ..... FUCK SHE IS GORGEOUS in a relaxed no posing no make up way... JESUS .... has anyone else seen this pic and is this her????

Ive just finished work but will be calling first thing for a booking and will report but at that price etc etc and a pretty girl that is not a fat mess ... too good to be true??

oh yeah will attach a link later but on the phone and it ain't that easy :)

12 review(s) found for Lucy Longlegs linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online J_H

There's at least one review for Lucy on here whom I've met.

I commented on it, but didn't do a review on her, as it was before my UKP days.

It's all in the eye of the beholder, of course, but I think Lucy is a good looking girl. I like them thin and pert, and girl-next-door-ish; if that's how you like them, I'd say you wouldn't be disappointed. That AW picture is probably her, she seems quite nice, the sort that wouldn't send or post a false one - no need to!

And yes, great value for money. Good luck.

Yeah thanks for that....all the positive reports are accurate. Had a great time with Lucy.

Comms and pre event.
No problems at all she emailed her number and I called asking for a pic she asked what I wanted ...  Nothing naked I was told.. was sent a pic which i love probably taken a few years ago. Natural west scottish girl very laid back. All good.

Agreed to meet after a long shift at work for half an hour. Texted to say when id get there and called on arrival and she came to take me through the secure entry. I was pretty exhausted but horny. She looked natural and made up well. I showered as she changed into a very sexy schoolgirl outfit. When she came in she looked very very hot and very slim... mmm...lovely.

I was only wearing a towel as Lucy snogged my face off and ran her hands over me. She grabbed my cock covered by the towel... fucking rock hard. DFK as we explored each others bodies still standing. Lucy dropped to her knees and started sucking owo... very very good action. She told me to lie on the bed... We kissed and she sucked me again... extremely good... oh I forgot the dry humping ... a very eager to please girl... 69 excellent. I had to stop her several times and then she ran her hands all over me that was fucking spine tingling. More 69 then on with the cover expertly applied by lucys mouth. She climbed on top as we fucked. Doggie then on Lucy on top as we kissed as I held her ass and fucked her hard to completion. At the she said hey I was supposed to do all the work but you took over ha ha ha bloody right I wanted to fuck this girl hard and I did.  :dance:

As above very very keen to please. Very responsive. Gave me all I needed.

it was getting dark and I dont think Lucy likes being stared at but she has big brown eyes long dark hair full (facial) lips very slim tight body. A very very pretty girl and I do like slim girls. She has very small lovely breasts with gorgeous nipples. Lucy went to a lot of effort to look stunning. Delighted with looks  :D

Not sure if seeing a girl after long shifts at work is wise but Lucy was definitely a good idea. Gorgeous hot girl that strives to please and is a natural down to earth nice honest girl with a stunning body. Anyway im on my way home literally fucked. But booked to see her sunday ... I think I need to cum in her mouth  :wacko:

May leave a more coherent report as will be rested by then. In the meantime happy to answer any questions.  :cool:

Had such a good time last week I was sure to return. Been working hard in glasgow so not really on form or full of energy, talked to Lucy about a longer meet and due to work could not spend the time or have the energy. So... asked for a 15 min quickie she was great not bothered at all.

So a little bit of trust between us now we agreed a time and she said keep in touch... Great comms.... really chilled and laid back (no pun) if you are nervous then she is very reassuring if you may need that.

Arrived... Lucy very friendly she remembered all our previous talk ... it was like meeting a mate.

LOOKS- Lucy is a gorgeous girl but she needs to fix her teeth ... They are squint and a little discolored in areas ( hate saying this) she has gorgeous long dark red brown hair beautiful dark brown  eyes. Lucy had a stunningly lovely look with colouful make up. So she looked lovely. Lucy has a very slim body which looks great. A very hot girl.

PERSONALITY - great to spend time with... just like a great friend.

SERVICES - so we arranged the time she said text me when you are on the train. I texted asking her to suck me and I needed to cum in her mouth. She did not reply so I took that as a yes??
I arrived and she came to take me thru the entrance. Really pretty... after the contract was concluded Lucy got me a glass of water and came in wearing red under wear... dfk... cuddling .. Dry humping.. You name it then Lucy took me in her mouth ... ahhh heaven... on her knees...Then onto the bed I lay back and she sucked and sucked and it got better until I EXPLODED into Lucy's mouth. Watched lots of it but in the end I just lay back and enjoyed as she gave me a magnificent experience.

Lucy said "you really needed that, yeah??"

Well YES!

SUMMARY- really lovely relaxed friendly girl ... a lot of fun ... faultless! Will I return? FOR SURE :)

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