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Author Topic: Another fake profile - dork leaves pic ID in !!  (Read 674 times)

Offline Taggart

Doing my usual trawl for someone worth meeting, and I stumble on this profile - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1909595

Nice ass, but the picture has been nicked from Shutterstock, and still has there reference number on. Wouldnt be happy if I was Shutterstock pic library manager or the photographer.

Why to pimps and hookers think punters are thick, when it's really them who are a sandwich short of a picnic.

Offline Jackjones

Your right about the the photo but wrong about pimps/hookers, its a none sexual service. Tho if you want to be even more of a bitch about the profile its not a cute young thai girl called Alena you'll see anyway! She no longer works there its one of two other women you'll see.

I have been to her on two trips, first was when Alena did do it, nice girl great service with HE she was cute as well as flirty but HE was only on offer and if she liked you bodie to body service. Second time round new location with a new person talked about the "old" place they worked from and wanting to get away from that image even if they do list them selfs on AW  :sarcastic:

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Offline Taggart

OK thanks - I'll still pass!

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