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Author Topic: Timekeeping. Bookings where Escorts are late AND finish early. How common?  (Read 7942 times)

Offline smiths

Does that actually work?

What would happen if the girl said right that's it, and you said no, look here, its only quarter to.

I can remember an appointment I wanted to do the above (I keep my watch in my bag but put it on as getting dressed and noticed it was quarter to). I did not though.

As i said it usually does work. I have had WGs question the time, but i am always aware how long i have been there for so its not often a problem, when it is its usually because the WG is bad so i want to leave anyway. I am not someone who will stay with a harridan just because i have already paid her. I will ask for my money back instead to be told no chance usually, tell her what i think of her and briskly leave. No point in flogging a dead horse, i just go to my plan B.

Offline mattylondon

I have zero tolerance for lateness. No working girl is going to make me wait or expect to turn up late and take my money!

I'm puzzled by the notion that UK Punting won't change the behaviour of some working girls? That's such an irrelevant comment. Who gives a shit what any poor service provider or scam artist thinks? Surely the main aim of this site is to highlight the good service providers and contrast them with the scam artists and bad service providers, who cheat punters out of their hard earned cash.

A good service provider will always be good. A poor service provider the same. The only thing that may change is that an average one may well up their game as a consequence of such a site, but that's all for the good!

And if nobody cared at all, they have a funny way of showing it, considering the number of bogus profiles and service providers that have disappeared as a consequence of this site exposing them! I think that some of them can and are reading!  :D If they simply re-create their profile fine, they'll simply be exposed again, but this time, punters may well recognise the signs.  If it saves one punter his cash, it would have been worth it.

But a lot of guys want that. Its called a girlfriend experience after all. My favourite appointments were with girls who chat alot and I had a laugh with.

I think it's horses for courses on this one. If a punter wants to spend his cash chatting to a prossie and walks away happy, that's up to him! I'm sure that the prossie will be very happy to have been of 'service'!

I book a girl to fuck. The only time I'll chat in my paid time is for a couple of minutes at the beginning, before handing over my cash, in order to confirm we're both happy with what's expected. Chat's, massages and the like are just a fucking time wasting exercise by the prossie, in my opinion. To relax me? I'd prefer my cock sucking to relax me, if it's all the same to you! :P I have plenty of girls who I can talk to and a couple of fuck buddies, so feel no need to pay to chat. I'm more than happy to chat after, if we get on, but not in my paid time, I'm afraid. If I wanted a massage, I'd go to a professional and if I fancied a wank, I can do that myself!!  :P

I'm pretty sure that not every wg wants to fuck for the duration of her bookings. Especially if she sees multiple clients in a day. I can both totally understand that, but equally couldn't care less. Not my problem. They should then cut down on the number of people they see, if it's a problem. I expect to fuck for the vast duration of my time and I make sure that they bloody work for my money! :D That's why 30 minutes is more than sufficient for my needs.

I have had some girls moan (and not necessarily in a bad way!) that they're then too tired to do anything else, so I'm very happy that people like Anth exist, because they can use all their recovery time to chat with him!!  :P  :D
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