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Author Topic: Silliest words in a profile challenge?  (Read 388 times)

Offline Johny Stone

Can't stop laughing  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Let's save it here for posterity  :D

 I AM BETTER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED AND YOU WILL WALK AWAY WITH THE ENORMOUS SATISFACTION AND THOUGHT I FEEL BETTER THAN I EVER HAVE! I believe an Impeccable Companion cause with me you will always experience real authentic desires, pleasure and woman. I am very selective with those I choose as suitors for the simple fact an actress I am not a passionate woman I am and I want you to discover the inner passion you are searching for. I make it possible for you and I to experience the undiscovered whether it be for a brief indulgence of fantasy girlfriend, an extended travel companion or a permanent sugar baby. My elegance and beauty make your decision one which makes you smile from ear to ear, however it is my real and authentic self that makes you ecstatic about coming to see me each and every time. I am an educated woman both scholar and life, with a tremendous value for being honest I believe that each and every liaison we discover in our lives has to viewed as new a “blind date”. You are a new person coming into my world it is exciting and yes maybe a bit frightening at first, I don’t however want it clouded with any bias so there is no comparison to what we shall experience so sky is the limit should the chemistry be there. I want to experience all that we both desire, I want you to see me at my best that is what goes through my mind, and of course are you safe. I want you to think the same things prior to our visit, and the typical question most men have is she beautiful, is she fun, Will I be comfortable, can this be a regular thing and are her pictures real - cause I want to blow your mind I AM BETTER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED AND YOU WILL WALK AWAY WITH THE ENORMOUS SATISFACTION AND THOUGHT I FEEL BETTER THAN I EVER HAVE! Intellectual and silly are the perfect combination to relax get into a place were you are comfortable to allow me into your intimate world. Open-minded and insatiable are the perfect combination for devouring your inner desires your un-escaped fantasies into a world of discovery of what attracts you. Trustworthy and honest are the key to what will be a personal gratification and self indulging experience which answered your call to a companion. Dreams are beyond value priceless and need to be embraced they are innocent to ones self, They may be naughty in nature yet they are sacred in value so spend them with a lady who values discretion and desires to be naughty. Brunette long dark brown hair blue eyes that will mesmerize you, luscious full lips with one look in my eyes you know my lips are the beginning of the most amazing pleasure one can receive the kiss.

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