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Author Topic: Lily & Eva - Diamonds  (Read 1283 times)

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Offline KLMman


After reading the review by FlyingBlue I was really interested to meet these girls. Newcastle was on my way home from a business trip to Scotland so I thought why not burn some cash on the way back. I booked them earlier that day, but also noticed this site saying that they may not do OWO which worried me. Though the appointment was booked and so just thought I'd go with it.

Communication was all by text and communication with the agency spot on. They gave me the house number when I arrived at the given post code. All good so far. The house was well lit and easy to find. I was greeted by them both. For me Lily is the prettier. Though Eva is the most forward giving me a good DFK. We went through to the bedroom. Clean fresh and nice room. The girls both live there one is a student. Defiantly no dirty shag pad.

Anyway there was plenty of DFK between us all. We all undressed bit by bit. Then came the moment of truth. I was kissing Eva when something warm and wet happened to my dick I thought I must be in luck though it soon transpired it was just saliva and a wet hand. When I specifically asked about oral the condom was on in a flash. For some this may be ok I guess for me it was the beginning of the start of a disappointing punt. Although enthusiastic kissers it all felt far less sexy than I had hoped for. Although I did some doggy  and cowgirl with both of them and they continued to be enthusiastic I was getting a bit bored. When I asked about OWO they looked at each other and said they shouldn't.  They had been told by the agency that there was a lot of herpes around and they shouldn't.  Since this is the first time in using the agency I have no idea if this is a blanket policy. Though I'm nervous to use the agency again for this reason. Before anyone asks I was clean and had showered at the flat.

Physically Lily was very pretty, soft skin, nice hair, nice boobs and a classic pear "10". No tattoos/stretch marks etc.. Eva is slimmer slightly romany appearance with some old facial acne scars. Though a nice slim and sexy body. Again no Tattoos etc.. I don't think either smoked and both had spot on oral hygiene.

Ease of booking - 10
Place - 9 (I parked ok though I guess it may be difficult at times)
Face - Lily 8, Eva 6
Hair - both 8
Overall appearance - Lily 8, Eva 7
Services & Attitude - if OWO was on offer I'd have given 9 they were really comfortable together, but OWO is what makes it for me so 6 it has to be.

So overall it really depends on your view on OWO if it is important avoid, otherwise book away.
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Offline Toshiba

Great review

I will be seeing neither

The herpes thing needs clearing up, if its a diamonds thing i will be avoiding them for a bit

However we should always be careful

Offline AnthG

Thanks for the review. I really like the way you have scored their facial appearances.

With regards to the herpes comment. This is really worrying. But if it is going around it wont just be affecting Diamonds. The same people interchange between all of the agencies and independents in the north east so if one punter has it. It can be passed to any girl.

Offline KLMman

[ So overall it really depends on your view on OWO if it is important avoid, otherwise book away.

Since OWO is now back on the cards in a big way. Book away!  :cool:
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (KLMman, stockon jon)

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