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Author Topic: Amber in Clacton-on- Sea  (Read 4602 times)

Offline Jay2k

Hi, I read this thread and decided to book some time with Amber earlier today in Colchester.  Her flat is in a council estate but seems relatively safe. I parked in the location she requested and called her. She said she would call me back in '2 secs' and tell me her door number. After waiting 10 mins or so and having a text and two calls ignored I was just about to drive off when she rang and said she was ready. I walked up to her flat and she opened the door. Immediately alarm bells started ringing. The place was a tip. Bare floors and walls, looked like a squat. I followed her into the bedroom and she was slurring. Her skin looked blotchy and she was wearing no makeup. I don't know for sure but my instinct tells me she has a substance abuse problem. I felt uneasy and walked straight back out the door.

I've used this board previously to get info on women I would potentially like to meet but never actually ever signed up. I've made an account today to share this info.

If I was you I'd avoid her...


I think she's now Sexy English Slut 21 in Colchester.

I'd echo all of Jay2k's comments, had very similar experience.


Offline essexmat

Wasn't she 18 around 6 months ago - blimey, had 3 birthdays in that time!

Offline bigsexy

jay2k i had same situation with amber. it tought me a lesson.never again.when i saw her in summer she had a clear head.last time i saw her she seemed to be bit out of it. why do we bother eh. try carla mai in brentwood.great posh flat 10min walk from station, and she loves sex.im going back v soon.  :yahoo:

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