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Author Topic: Kittens Sauna beware  (Read 5195 times)

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Jon , you didnt offend me by inferring a was a nympho , it just made me curious as to why you thought i was , just because i look on this site ( with the odd contribution when necessary )
Also , why wouldnt i be interested in reading / joining in , cos at the end of the day , this is the industry i chose to work in 9 years ago and the guys who post on here , or any Yorkshire  paid for sex Forum , are punters and its punters who have paid my mortgage since 2005.
I enjoy reading posts and following threads , thats it !
However , please remember tho that although i NOW work 1 day at Fantasia , that is NOT the place most punters know me from .
Iv only been working there for 10 months .
Also now its common knowledge im a WG i just want remind you that i joined under a name which i dont work under and have never private messaged any members or touted in any way on here .
I wonder tho Jon , if you thought i was an EE , because the way my name is spelt is Polish !
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Offline NIK

I would like to cheer you guys and girls up so I wrote a song for you:

I met a girl at a sauna
Her name was Shauna
She only had one owner
I thought she was a loner
Because she gave me a boner
When I first saw her
And she never said hello
just had a look below
Oh where did Brenda Go?
That pretender go?
I lent some tender
oh pretender!!!!!!!
Lay off the booze and hand over them boobs!!!!
I wore some clean shoes
Have a clean shave
Felt brave and cleans her cave
Love tunnel love tunnel love tunnel
I used my cock like a shovel
Big head at the top short neck at the bottom
she had a nice bottom and some creamy boobs!!!!!

Don't give up the day job.  :rolleyes:

Don't give up the day job.  :rolleyes:

What job is that? Licking the windows on a Sunshine Bus!

Offline Jon

TO all those who are have been rude to me, SUCK MY DUCK! YOU rash hole ass holes :thumbsup:
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Offline yorkshire123

TO all those who are have been rude to me, SUCK MY DUCK! YOU rash hole ass holes :thumbsup:

SUCK MY DUCK!   :lol: :lol: :lol:
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline NIK

TO all those who are have been rude to me, SUCK MY DUCK! YOU rash hole ass holes :thumbsup:

And it was just a question of time.  :cool:

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