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Author Topic: New guys experiences  (Read 3759 times)

Offline socks

Hey mate, I met Cathy a few days ago and I can confirm that she's got a boob job, so her boobs look firm and perky now. As to her looks, like madeinwales56 said, she's not bad looking but not a stunner either. Regarding her scars, I really don't think she inflicted those on herself. My guess is that she lost quite a lot of weight some time ago (probably after her pregnancy). I am saying this because when I grabbed her ass while she rode me on top, I felt a lot of loose skin. I didn't go down on her, so I cannot comment on her hygiene down there. I hope I was of assistance to you.

Happy new year and long live the punting spirit.
Cheers buddy, I think I'll leave it for a to-be-created "only if I find myself very nearby" list

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