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Author Topic: Annoyed at WGs taking phone calls during your punt? Solution here!  (Read 1737 times)

Makes me think... With the change in the law being floated with regard to the use of mobile phones, if the pro$$ie is driving (girl on top) and decides to use her phone then would the punter be within his rights to confiscate her phone? Of course if the punter is driving then he shouldn't be using a phone (unless it's hands free). In this position of course the pro$$ie can use her phone without contravening the law... If she is good at OWO that should of course be hands free  :hi:

Offline James999

Of course it is illegal to use one!

Like the average pro$$ie's going to report you, for a start even if she knew it was and wanted to then she wouldn't want to bring attention to herself via the authorities (risk of benefits, HMRC, immigration etc)

But assuming she did most don't have credit on their phones to enable them to ring and report, and anyway there phone's jammed while you're there and then who do they report, billybigballs and give your unregistered punting phone number  :lol:

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