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Author Topic: Jodyx  (Read 1315 times)

Offline Esco

I wonder if anyone remembers this wg. She went by the name of jody always signed an x as in jody x. 5'8 ish 12-14 and jj boobs enhanced worked out of brum And was on vixen site. I met her twice Worcs area very cute very chatty high voice dark skinned,  great time. Anyone know if she still about. Advise ???

Offline Esco

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes good man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me find her!! How did you know. She fit!

Offline Min_g79

oh remember her well...Jody Hernandez   ;)

Offline Esco

Is she still about do you know?  :wacko:

She did porn with killergram a few years back. But before that she was advertising as a WG as jody x. I tried to book her twice but she canceled both times because she could not find a babysitter so I never gt to see her, plus she was charging £200 per hour.

Offline Esco

Yes that's right 200hr. But worth it ...fit as hell. I saw her twice but that was a mission to arrange anyhow...do you know if she still operates would pay 300 for it now. A real cutie but dirty as they go !

I have no idea what she is doing now.

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