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Offline punk


After much debating i contacted the above Wg and can confirm that as  has previous been stated by another punter on here is correct.So i will not go into a full blown essay. I corresponded by mixture of voice and text. Standard of english on the phone was good and functional no fluffy baby/honey stuff. See review by Woiczeck.


the place itself is easy to get too, near Bow country court.The flat is clean and so is the room, big,but with drying washing. Mya herself is around 45 years old (if she is younger than its because she has had too many days in the sun)and must be the oldest WG that i have seen.

The Good points:

Friendly but not much of a talker,may be she has limited English.
One of the best OWO blow jobs i have ever had, great technique (younger women could learn a lot)with bull licking and rimming with out me asking or paying extra money.
Good CIM and she made sure that i fully popped, i think she may have shallowed,keeping her mouth fully over my cock end gentle sucking and running her hand over the rest of my cock.
Started the second round after a few minutes with some nipple sucking, rubbing my balls, than back to a good blow job, finger partly in my bum, never had or asked but it was gentle and just happened,still feels strange for me.
Sex Doggie, mish,mish with legs up on shoulders and than condom off and good second pop in mouth.

Neutral points:

 The pictures are of her 10 years ago.


No shower, seems to be a no,no,may be not working,so i had a rub down.
Bit rushed, out the door at the end, like you had your shags,now time to go,but i did get the time i payed for.

Mya not for every one,body wise  quite good not fat,etc, i would say body of 43-45 year old.

Rating 8/10.
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5 review(s) found for -- MYA -- linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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