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Author Topic: Bonnie from McKenzies of Leeds  (Read 2655 times)

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Offline weller

After a great deal of thought I have decided to tell of my experience with Bonnie. I have only used McKenzies agency once before and that was 8 years ago. On that occasion the lady arrived at my hotel over 1 hour late and almost unable to stand due the fact she was hammered. I turned her away and got several irate calls from the agency as a result. Anyway, back to last week.....Bonnie arrived on time and is, to be fair, stunning and very interesting to chat too. We talked about all sorts from travel to Scandinavian crime drama. Sadly it became clear that the clock was ticking and things needed to be moved on at a pace. Also after about 50 mins her phone rang and continued to do so until it was answered. I have read her reviews on the site and they are all very favourable so maybe I was just unlucky. I think I may have to wait another 8 years to see if my luck improves. if anyone has an agency they would recommend in Leeds them please feel free to do so.

Offline yorkshire123

Sorry if I've missed something buddy but did you actually do her or not?  :unknown:
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Offline wristjob

I saw around half a dozen girls from McKenszies around 6 years ago - and 1 was approaching average, the rest way below. McKenzies is ALL about the looks and nothing else matters. Nobody ever reviews McKenzies girls cos nobody who has a clue what they are doing goes near the place.

I saw a couple from IK - they have a stellar reputation. The girls aren't always quite as hot but they deliver in spades.

This is all old info and from what I understand all the main Leeds agencies have pretty much caught up with IK now so really you picked about the only duffer. Also bod666 seems to sniff out a few good indies.

Offline am1r69

i saw bonnie around 2 yrs ago, stunning yes. But no kissing and very limited oral. put review on MCKenzie site but was never posted.

best wishes

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