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Author Topic: Wet Ginger (Angela)  (Read 1551 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2104041 or https://www.adultwork.com/WET+GINGER

I saw Angela about three weeks ago on an in-call at her place near Kings Cross/ Camden. I'll try and keep this short and to the point since she is already well reported on here.

I'll start with the negatives:
#She is definitely not the size 4 she has listed on her profile. Don't get me wrong she is not fat. She is probably closer to 6 or 8.
#She does have a little bit of a tummy and the beginnings of double chin. That said she it does not look unattractive. It made her look more natural
#She is not a natural ginger. TBH I don't really care about that but her working name is Wet Ginger so I had assumed she was a natural redhead
#She sated on her profile Pubic Hair: Natural. That is a lie. she is completely shaven
#Trying to arrange an appointment with her was a little bit of a pain. I tried to contact her trying to phone her about 8-10 times over a 3 hour period without success. Finally I sent a text which she responded to about half an hour later. we arranged a meeting for the next day at at 5pm.
#She kept changing the timings and pushing it back. About half an hour after we made the booking, she sent me a text asking if I could meet at 7 instead of 5. I didn't have a problem with that so I agreed to it. Then on the day of the booking when I was almost outside her place, She pushed back the time 4 times. I almost aborted but my dick was thinking and for once I am glad I listened to him. I finally saw her at 7.30
#During the meeting her phone kept vibrating with incoming text messages which could be off putting. To be fair she ignored them right through out the whole meet
#Later on in the session she kept going out of the room to do various things (touch up her make up, pee, smoke, etc) all with permission though. At first I thought it was the normal prossie time wasting tactic. But if you read on you will find out it wasn't.
#And finally she is a smoker. but she keeps her mouth and breath fresh: I didn't realize she was a smoker till she asked permission to go out for smoke.

Now looking at this long list of negatives why is this review a positive?

Because that girl knows how to satisfy a fella. She is absolutely filthy in bed. She is very enthusiastic and submissive to my wishes but she is far from passive. She really loves having sex. I think she is a genuine nymphomaniac.

Anyway once I was in the flat I took care of the finances, got a clean towel and had a quick shower. We agreed to a safe word (the name of her cat) I started by cuffing her spread eagle on her front. I then "punished" her by spanking her with palms for a few minutes. I then moved on a whip. I gave her a good whipping and she took I cuffed her on her back and gave a good tongue lashing and fingering till she came. she liked that a lot. I was as hard as Vinnie Jones by the the so I uncuffed and had her in doggie and reverse Cow girl (with more spanking)  I finished off by coming in her mouth and she swallowed everything. I had a short break and lay kissing and chatting with her. She is fun to talk to. We then carried on with her giving me an excellent BBBJ which was excellent and some rimming. we went to 69 with more Rimming. Then went on to Fucking her in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and at her request: doggie (which she seems to genuinely love)
till I came deep inside her (in a condom)
We chatted for a few more minutes after that I had a quick shower and then made my exit. She is no clock watcher I stayed for almost 2 hours even though I paid for only 1 hour.
If you are willing to put up with flakiness, she is worth it in the end. An excellent punt. 9.9/10

12 review(s) found for WET GINGER linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Sorry about the errors.  :blush: I wrote this review on my phone.

Offline fredpunter

Maybe I should give her another chance ......

Offline rogerc23

He has been on my hotlist for ages but has always been pushed back into one of the back up slots but i do think i need to see this girl along with hot ameera

Offline yorkshire123

He has been on my hotlist for ages but has always been pushed back into one of the back up slots but i do think i need to see this girl along with hot ameera

Was that a Freudian slip  :sarcastic:
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Offline rogerc23

Ha the perils of posting on a twobob phone!

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