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Author Topic: Oliv_23 (Leeds)  (Read 1039 times)

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Offline bod666

I've had my eye on Olivia for a while - and seeing that her profile says "last 4 days in UK" I had to give her a go, as twer.

https://www.adultwork.com/2324327 or https://www.adultwork.com/Oliv%5F23

First the bad news - she really is off in 4 days and so it would appear, never to return (or at least she's not coming back for a looonnnggg time).  So I'm quite gutted as she's cute, funny, has great English (she's lived here for 7 years) and is a bit of an animal in bed.

I had great comms with her, started off via e-mail the day before, she wanted me to ring her 2-3 hours before the meet (which I thought was a little odd but I complied), this resulted in her texting me her address. We then had some text exchanges as I kept her up to date with my progress.  I was staying in the city centre so I checked into my hotel, had a shower, found a cashpoint then off I trot.  And man how much better is it to walk around Leeds city centre than drive?  No annoying one way systems to get lost in?

I find the apartment, I call her and she tells me the room number so I get buzzed in and get met at the door by a sexy brunette with braces(!), suspenders and a basque.  Even though I'd just had a shower it was a hot day so I accepted the offer of another one, had a quick swill while she got me the dress.  Emerged with the towel wrapped round me which she immediately whipped off saying "don't be shy!", then she had me on the bed and was all over me like a rash!

Had covered oral - which was ok - unfortunately I've been ruined by too much owo, there was a time when I didn't mind covered oral but frankly I'm almost at the point now where I'd rather they didn't bother.  She lubed up and progressed to cowgirl then missionary to finish.  She was energetic and enthusiastic, there wasn't much in the way of kissing on the lips but she has roving hands and knows how to use her body!  Had a chat and a drink then onto round 2.

I didn't ask about anal so can't comment if it would have been on offer - it's listed on her profile as £20 extra.  The "normal" sex we had was more than enough for me.

She is the girl in the pics, has attractive girl next door looks, and if she wasn't imminently heading off to Poland I'd be back for sure.  £100 for two great shags with an enthusiastic attractive girl in an hour - almost perfect.  Would have been better with some French kissing but then I think the braces probably had something to do with the lack of that, and owo would have been nice but definitely not a deal breaker.

 :thumbsup: x2 from me

Shame she's not going to be here much longer  :(

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Offline wristjob

Wow she does look nice. I'd be peed about the OWO and FK as they are on the profile but I think enthusiasm is a big plus in making punts work.

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