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Author Topic: Reverse Booking  (Read 686 times)

Offline blue80

I recently put up a RB on AW

I've had quite a few bid's most of which are at the amount I put (£100) however today I get a bid at £200.00 from someone with no feedback at all; furthermore her profile states a rate of £120.00 for the same duration as to my suggested booking !!

Thought I'd share this as I felt it was both equally funny and random.....

My God !!

That is one minging bitch !!

Nearly threw my brekkie up !!

She must be on crack if she thinks someone would pay her anything !!

I wouldn't even touch her if you paid me £10,000 !!


Offline Esco

Maybe she wants two hours with you haha.  :vomit:

Offline blue80

Just noticed she list's BB on her list......

Oh and just for the record I deleted the bid

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