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Author Topic: Steph of G-E  (Read 1165 times)

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Offline Raithfan


Spent a lovely hour with this cute teen the other day. She was really cute pretty and seemed a bit inoccent but this one is definerly not innocent in the bedroom.
She was very chatty and friendly from the start absolutely no awkwardness at all.
A great body did everything on her like list well very good owo and kissing.  She moving to America soon so hope to see her again before she goes a true gem of a girl only down side is I wish I had more money for longer.

1 review(s) found for STEPH of G-E linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline pilgrim

Glad to hear you had a decent punt.  What were the incall facilities like? If it was incall.

How did you contact her? I notice there is no phone number showing, despite the tab saying "Call or text"  Is each girl receiving direct emails or is there still a middleman involved? "Message for number" I presume that means Email them and they get back to you?

Offline BigSur

She has NOT logged in since DECEMBER last year. So how did you contact her with no number showing?
Banning reason: Creating multiple accounts

Offline pilgrim

Before all this criminality involving the bloke who ran it "Connor", there was a phone number displayed and you rang that and he arranged the details. On the profile page for the group under "last login" it showed "Never"  that is now being checked daily.  I presume that things have changed with the recent exposure in the press, therefore I asked the OP for an explanation of how things are working presently.

Offline BigFred

I wouldn’t worry too much about the last login, I think it may just be option when the page is setup.
They used to be called ScotsGirls, I remember 2 reviews from the past on here.
BigMan -   Sophie of G-E

Wee Man -   Chloe of Scots Girls

There is the recent Daily Record article on here a few weeks ago about the same crowd.

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Offline Raithfan

Iv used them a few times.  Think they mainly deal with regulars.
Incall pad was fine for the purpose easy to find and park.
I'd never belive much about what in the daily record lol. But when I asked about it an other girl said they have never met or know the person that was in the picture. But the girls did not seem bothered so guess that's what matters

Offline Wee Man

BigSur, if you want to contact them email the office through the AW site and they will send you it or if you have any bother PM me and I'll pass it on. Only thing about contacting them is you have to text them. Just send them a text with who you are after or ask who is available, time, incall/outcall, etc and they get right back to you.

The incall is a house off the Saltmarket, in a cul-de-sac. I'm not that keen on it myself as the neighbours must know something is going on but I've not had any problems using it. Although, if I am having an incall I do try and make it when it is quieter, like afternoons or late evenings.

The flat itself isn't up to much but any time I've been there it's been clean enough and fit for purpose.

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