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Author Topic: Sandra in Slough  (Read 1575 times)

9 review(s) for HOT SANDRA HOT (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


The area is needing some girls, hence this quickie!!
Sandra is exactly like her gallery pics.
She might appear to be a bit cold during exchange of money but once she comes back in the room, very friendly.
Lip kissing/sucking properly but no tongue.
sex is several positions
Gets pretty wet, excited and does enjoy being fk'd good, hard and long ;)
sorry, didnt try fingers inside but played around whilst fking her.

Basic room and mirror placed in front of bed so you can see her pretty face when holding her hair and fking her doggy :)
Not that you can see but she does have nice pert tits with nipples she does like attention paid to.

Nice vanilla punt imho - Only put this in because there is soooo much crap in Slough and she's best of the bunch.

Online SaneOnes

Cheers for the review. Do you have a link?

9 review(s) found for HOT SANDRA HOT linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online SaneOnes

She looks quite good, added her to my HL in case I'm ever that way. I remember adding a milf type from that region a while back but not sure when i took her off of it. Shagwell something?


that shagwell profile is defo fkable - yes pls if ever near London/Berks area

Online SaneOnes

Your Sandra could be her doppelganger. Good for you mate. Shagwell does tour Oxford/Slough every month for a couple of weeks. It's still too far away for me. Added her again but unless I'm there for a long-term commitment, chances are slim for me to see either of them. I'm missing out a few from Newcastle, Northamptonshire and Southampton as well because of the distance. I'm in the east, so,  Nottingham is the farthest I'd travel if it's solely to see a WG. I did go to Bristol 3 times to see Naughty Slut Sophie but that had to be done regardless where i might have had been :yahoo: There's a milf from Bracknell in my HL who I'd take a long journey for next.

that shagwell profile is defo fkable - yes pls if ever near London/Berks area
All fine but she says she is in London and Slough next week but hasnt logged on since April this year.
Anyone got a Ouija board or maybe Doris Stokes is available!
+1 on the rack though!


+1 on PP comments on shagwell - not logged on so unless she has emails directed to her private email - not going to get a response to my long booking request.

Back on Sandra, she has a friend their, so do ask for Sandra, otherwise you wont like what opens the door - I was about to walk and then Sandra appeared ;)

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