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Author Topic: Olivia amour  (Read 3049 times)

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Offline chinatoon

Forgot I had seen this girl a while back as Mercedes of diamonds. Another poor experience. She's a reasonably attractive brunette and pics on website are accurate as always from amour.  She's certainly chatty enough and bubbly but I wasn't there to talk (especially some of the topics she was droning on about. At 1 point I even pointed this out to no avail) and It took a bit of coaxing to get things started.

Owo she certainly has some skills in this area but once again she wouldn't stop talking. She would go down for a bit and stop to talk, go down for a bit then stop to talk. Not really getting anywhere I asked for condom her on top where I tried to ignore her chattering away about Disney,  food and even politics.

Other negatives are no kissing and no reverse oral. She pretty much had hand over crotch face turned slightly away the whole time as if I would disregard what she said and stick my face in any way.  This made it even more awkward.

One of the most awkward punt I've had. My first poor punt with amour who usually excel themselves.


Offline denyason

sounds fucking hilarious.... talking about disney and all whilst sucking cock.  where are her tits, they seem to be missing lol!

Did they airbrush the poor girls breasts away completely? ? :rolleyes:

Offline Toshiba

I wont be seeing this one.her type are a waste of money

Offline nutley

I had a similar experience. Awful.

Offline johnny34

I had a similar experience. Awful.

Me too, she talked shit. Not recommended.

Offline sentinel

Have to say she looks really hot from the photos and I might have well have been tempted to try a quickie.

That said there are plenty of other corkers on Amour and even Diamonds are looking up now that the Romanians have been either shunted off to Cherry Dolls or sent packing.
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Offline Mike Hunt

Good heads up as she looks good in the photos apart from being as flat as a pancake....in to miss for me..I want passion and not a chat if I wanted a chat I would ring the Samaritans...hopefully punters will read and avoid
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Offline themademan2

uknepunt, if u had read this review from a while back, you would have saved £100 on the experience the lass had stung you for yesterday
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Offline Toshiba

Always surprised when punters dont read these reviews

Saves a lot effort and money

Offline Danny boy

sorry to bump this but has anyone seen her recently? has anything improved?

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