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Author Topic: Cuddling/French kissing ?  (Read 3307 times)

Offline spkmstr48

go see Ameera

Agreed,  plenty of excellent girls in London, only yesterday I was bemoaning on the London board that I wasn't in London more often.

Do like Cassandra though, we were overrunning and I had to point out the time to her, she panicked initially as her next punter was due within minutes but still in the end had to pull her off my face to get out the door!

 :drinks: :diablo: :lol:
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

I must add that in recent punts I have found some girls don't quite no what DFK is!!!
Soft open mouth with a slight tongue doesn't cut it  :angry:
I have never been one to open the door to an escort or even a girlfriend and go straight into it but I will always email the girl with my exact likes and musts and hope she isn't telling me pokies

I do like a slow build up  :kiss:

Offline wolfdancer

what you don't ask for you often don't get, make it very clear what you want.
i don't see that hot sweaty sex rules out having a cuddle.

I always check that there will be plenty of dfk and any other services, never asked about cuddling before as to be honest it is not something that I have thought about or been bothered about, at the moment I have 3 girls I term regulars (the ones that I seen a few times, and have plans to see again...) I think it is more about me becoming a fluffy git and enjoying more intimate time with the girls as we get to know each other better, also there is a difference in getting to know a regular and EAS.

lick, snog, grope, skin to skin, cuddle, entwine, flesh to flesh, love it all, fill my hands, fill my mouth, lick, tongue to tongue and every other part of the anatomy, fills the time with fun before the main course.

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