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Author Topic: Cute__Emily21 - Hanger Lane  (Read 1583 times)

7 review(s) for TEEN BARBIE DOLL EVE (1 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Tonyleung


In Summary - only good for a quickie.

Negative - Nice enough girl and shit bonk, but Neggers mainly due to bullshit likes list - No RO - no 69 - no FK - no Deep throat - no CIm , no Face sitting

Previously reviewed here. Must try harder!

I wanted to book for an hour - Comms were good, but it puzzled me why Emily had not asked how long - crossed my mind maybe bad orgainisation might lead to clashes, what if I had wanted 2 hours. Anyway Emily doesn't have that problem as I was done in 20 mins . read on.

Nice flat - easy access - modern. I arrived and Emily let me in.

Nice attractive girl - not stunning face and certainly not stunning, only 7/10 for looks dressed in day to day clothes - leggings and T-shirt.

I asked for an hour Emily suggested 30 mins as it was hot and I might not want to stay that long and if I did I could pay the extra for 30 mins more. so I handed over £60 notes for 30 mins.
I asked during the punt - firstly kissing not  offered, not even got close to an embrace - CIM - yes with Condom so Not really CIM!! 69? nope - RO? Nope.
The punt was boring - no FK , ok handjob moved onto BJ - was so, so nice enough. perfunctionary comes to mind. After ten mins of this switching from sucking her tits to BJ I got bored , I'd rather have watched a porno at this stage.
Asked for a fuck - got her into spoons and immediately her arm is stuck between us so I cannot really get to grips with her - I bonk her for 5-10 mins and think what the fuck and blow and go. Asked her for the time - 20 mins had elasped. Emily showed no signs of wanting to carry on, so after a polite exchange I left.
Poor punt, Emily had no interest the game/punt. I wouldn't go back. Not a disaster, but a lesson learnt. Junior (my dick-name lol) has been grounded and his pocket money taken away I ain't listening to him again!! Well until I can find time to punt quality, no more crappy punts!

7 review(s) found for TEEN BARBIE DOLL EVE linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)


Thanks for the warning...
her FB would have scared me away...

silly girls, just dont get it by stating likes they have no intention of delivering.
Good you took the time to put a Neg report in - hopefully will save punters their pocket money.

Offline Andre 3000

TBH seeing that she's hooking 6 days a week until late would have put me off immediately.

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