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Author Topic: Naomee4u  (Read 2339 times)

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Offline socks

Decided I should up my review count a bit so a little historical but starting off with Naomee.  www.adultwork.com/2294618 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naomee4u

I've met her three times, once on her own and twice with her friend - I'll do a duo review at some point.

Met in a house near to Leyton tube. Not a palace but been to worse! She is very short but good looking, fit body, nice handful of natural tits that hold their shape very well out of a bra, nice round arse etc. Quite remarkable actually for someone who says she's late thirties. She got straight to work, kissing (French but not deep), wanking, OWO. Very happy to give tit wanks, arse cheek wanks etc. I gave her oral both holes, before fucking her in loads of positions, mish, spoons, doggy, rev and forward cowgirl etc and she encouraged really firm squeezing and groping of her tits. First pop I wanked myself into her mouth. She waited til I had finished emptying my balls fully before dribbling it into some tissues.

Then treated me to a great full body massage which was as good as or better than every dedicated massage I've had! Result!

Then we did round two, more of the same as round 1 albeit I finished in her mouth and over her face, as a result of her (rather than me) wanking me off. I also noticed that she looked like a work colleague during that fuck so enjoyed occasionally fantasising that she was taking my cock too lol

£70 for an hour represented great VFM. Only neg was that at the time she listed filming but didn't let me - it's not on her list now.
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3 review(s) found for Naomee4u linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Riprock

Hard to guage from the pics, exactly how short is she?


Offline socks

Hard to guage from the pics, exactly how short is she?

Certainly under 5ft

Offline bigone

Not logged since   12 mabe she is on holiday

Online Jimmyredcab

£70 for an hour represented great VFM.

Looks rough as old boots to me, no offense meant.   :thumbsdown:

Offline James999

Looks rough as old boots to me, no offense meant.   :thumbsdown:

Looks a bit macho as well  :thumbsdown:

Offline socks

Yep know what you both mean. Certainly doesn't look/feel like it when fucking her though. And at £70 for the hour I'd fuck a lot worse!

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