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Author Topic: Bi@nca (York) adultwork  (Read 1989 times)

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This is my first review and it is only my second time with an Escort, but I have read a lot or reviews on here.

Today I had a 30min incall session with Bianca from Adultwork. The cost was £60, and was £100 per hour.

She had a phone number on her page and when I called she couldn't answer, but texted me straight away asking me to text her back with a time. Bianca continued to communicate well and was quick in her replies - which she signed off with an x.

She texted me her address and told me to text her when I was outside. Parking was difficult as you have to pay, £2 overnight parking after 6pm or £3 per hour between 8am and 6pm.

Directions were very helpful, very discreet location, lovely, clean and modern flat.

I was buzzed in then knocked on the door - which was quickly answered by a very hot blonde girl. She was very skinny and small height, she looked very similar to Daenerys Targeryan off Game of Thrones!! Bianca was dressed very casually - but I don't mind tbh because clothes would be coming off anyway!

Bianca invited me through to the bedroom where she asked for the money. She then told me to strip off and wait for her. Bianca came in about a minute later and began stripping off herself. When she stood there completely naked she was absolutely stunning! Lovelly arse, great pair of tits and perfectly shaved legs.

Bianca pushed me onto the bed and this is were she began to disappoint me. She immediately put a condom on me and began to suck me, so I got no OWO. She refused to kiss me, and even when I went to kiss her neck she pulled away!

She then pushed me back and began to ride me. Bianca made this very enjoyable but was disappointed when I didn't cum (like she wanted it to be over as soon as possible). She hopped off and started giving me a handjob, I told her I wanted to fuck her so gave her some missionary. I was about to climax when she asked me "why haven't you cumed yet"? This put me off completely! She then have me another handjob which made me cum.

Bianca then grabbed some baby wipes, pulled the condom off and cleaned my cock. We got dressed and we got talking about things.

Because Bianca is Romanian her English wasn't great.

Overall Bianca was gorgeous and very friendly but left a lot to be desired. Says on her page that French kissing and OWO is at her discretion - but there could have been no reason not to do this. I won't be rushing back to do Bianca again.

Bianca is going back to Romania next week and will be back the week after.

Offline wristjob


I assume that's the link and welcome to the Romanian experience.
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7 review(s) found for .Bianca linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

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The Romanian girls you hear about are just shooting themselves in the foot with their shit service.  If she really does look like Daenerys (I think she needs to go curlier and lighter maybe) Bi@nca could probably do quite well if she offered a full Khaleesi experience.  I do hope they're not co-erced.

Sorry I forgot to link her page!

She looks a lot different in real life than in the pictures, and appears to have lost a lot of weight. As for her hair, it was amazing especially if you like long hair! Very long white straight hair.

It also says she is 5ft6 on her page, but she isn't, more like 5ft3/4. The annoying thing for me is her long list of likes, yet she didn't like trying hardly any of them!

Offline bower

i nearly went to see her yesterday im glad i didnt now

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