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Author Topic: Cheap OWO  (Read 3417 times)

Offline ayay07

I'm looking for escorts who offer just OWO maybe with a side order of reverse oral or something else.

in the london / heathrow area.

thanks in advance for your help!

Offline Outcallguy

I suggest you just find a few girls who take your fancy and email them with an offer.

I have found £50 to £80 to be a reasonable price range for owo. (bearing in mind I like them to come to me)

Best bet in my experience is to see the girl for a full hour first to get a rapor you can then ask her if she's do 30 min bookings with you just for oral.
Or ask up front if they can do a 30 min booking for OWO.
The majority will agree, unless they are pimped.

Offline ayay07

Just OWO but not cheap ;) https://www.adultwork.com/1767895

100 for just owo! wow lol

i found one for £20 but being the idiot i am, i lost the page and now i can't find it! 

:dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline Outcallguy

£20 sounds like a fake to me.
But you can do searches by hourly and 1/2 hourly rate so try sticking 20 to 20 in them and seeing who shows up

Offline mrmiller

San Ling in Baker Street should sort you out.

Not exactly lookers though...  :unknown:

Offline Finga

you get what you pay for. Cheap means only 5 minutes of owo and starts asking you how do you want to finish

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