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Author Topic: Jamie Lee  (Read 772 times)

Offline Tricks

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I think I'm going to have 2x half an hour :dance:

Barnsley! BARNSLEY!!

Are you kidding?

Offline Tibbs

If anyone does see her, could they post:

a) whether she's any good and
b) if she has a Barnsley accent

No idea why, but fit girls with Barnsley accents really do it for me!  :cool:

Thanks :)

Online AnthG

Someone needs to message her. It would be interesting what she says as a reply about it.

You see this all the time. Surely she can see it. Its her own profile. If I was selling myself I would be analysing the thing like a Mofo for any mistakes.

Offline softlad

Barnsley! BARNSLEY!!

Are you kidding?

Some of us have no choice....... :cry:

Offline Tricks

I was in contact with her some months ago, before one of her many "escorting holidays"

not quite sure she has so many breaks from working?

Unfortunately we could not agree T&C

I might chance half an hour though and report back for the team ;)

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