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Author Topic: sexylolaxxx  (Read 821 times)

Haven't been on here in some time and I am looking to set up another punt, the lady in the subject caught my eye https://www.adultwork.com/2513085 those legs and that arse!  :wacko:

But shes got the authenticity alert, but looks to have genuine feedback from punters who've seen the likes of AlixE/LinizeMae/SophiaLily/MissySienna etc, so my question is - Has anyone on here seen her, and if so is she worth it?


It take it by the silence no-one on here has seen her?

Offline Jim1

Mmm Looks a litle bit too good to be true in my opinion.
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Offline Bengeo13

I've seen her, aka Sarah from Diamonds.
She really is a sexy young lady with an arse that you will want to grab, squeeze. lick, kiss and generally play with!!
The downside is that oral is covered so no CIM, but she bucks back in doggie!
May not be to everyone's taste but I think she's great!
Hope that helps

Cheers for the info, good to know shes genuine - I will keep her in mind for my next punt!

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