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Author Topic: Hairy pussy are bold pussy  (Read 1135 times)

Offline big p ne

Give me a hairy one Any time  :thumbsup:

Offline Greenman

Not many hairy ones about as most prefer the baldies

Try little vic
Hairy little triangle and sucks like a dyson
And value for money at £75 for the hour

Offline Mackydees

After much searching I have to admit defeat and ask who Little Vic is? Link?
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Offline Gaz Up North

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Gaz Up North, NE lad)

Offline Barry Shipton

She seems to have divided opinion on the forum - links to all her previous discussion threads here:

Offline Jim1

GeordieJay - I would agree with you guys £90 for 30mins  ridiculously expensive £50 for 30 mins is top whack as far as I am concerned

Thought I had cracked the quote thing there but not to be. Anyhow, I have seen Little Vicki ONCE. I booked and paid for an hour but left after 20 mins. She appeared to be tipsy or high and the bed was odourous. Not recommended from me.
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I realise the wording of the topic is a typo. But taken at face value would it suggest a shaved pussy is a cowardly pussy ? or even a pussy pussy ?

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