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Author Topic: London Agencies  (Read 1329 times)

Hello my friends across the pond.  Can anyone recommend any good trustworthy agencies in London (I guess Central London, Kensington and Notting Hill areas?). Price range £150-£350 PSE or GFE.  My buddy just left London and told me that Maxes is the best agency.  I'm not sure if I believe him so I figured I would ask the guys who punt over there.  I do not want to book a girl from an and it's a different one from what the picture shows.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Offline hendrix

I've hardly ever had a problem with Maxes or Allure in many years of punting. Does it have to be an agency girl though? Have a look at the London reviews section for some well rated independents.

No she could be independent.  With me being American in London I don't know the area too well.  Just wanted to get some Englishman recommendations on some Escorts.  I'm staying for 7 days and I'm going to try and get a different nationality for each day :D. I really love English women
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Offline Tailpipe

There are not many English ones they are all EE.

Hamiltons has always been good however we had a natural review about one of there
Girls the other day .

Are you going to have,them at the hotel or do Incall .

I would like to do incall.  Maxes and Allure will do for the English women. EE especially Russian will do independent or agency and the same for Italian women.  I really appreciate the help also.  It's too difficult to get an escort here in America without fearing it's a police sting operation

Offline NIK

There is Anna's Angels which have been discussed  recently.

Offline NIK

As has been said however I believe you will be struggling to get a decent English girl from most agencies.

Offline Cabbots

For English girls via agencies, there are three main places who have good girls with decent reputations - MaxesAngels, Hamiltons Escorts, and Bijoux Escorts. Maxes are better value than the others - Blair, Abigail, Belle, Jessie, Abbie are the English girls I would recommend from there (two are reviewed by me so far)

Hamiltons are more expensive - I have had some great punts with Rachel - but at £250 an hour it isn't the best value.

As others have said, you will get a better deal going independent - recent reviews on the forum will give you an indication of who's high on our wish lists.

Thanks a lot guys I really do appreciate it. 

Offline barry

I almost always use http://www.diorescorts.com/ Rachel is the receptionist and is very helpful and gives good recommendations.

Many of the girls are with other agencies but I have found them to be honest and trustworthy.

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