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Hi guys there are not enough reviews out there, maybe everyone is to afraid to get shot down for being fluffy. These ventures can be a waste of money unless we contribute so we can make informed decisions.

Just chill in with a beer after an incall with Gina. Last minute kinda thing this morning as I had the day free, we had emailed about maybe meeting but comms were excellent and 4pm for 1.5 hours booked.

Gina turned up early asking if it was ok to come up or to wait, no brainer there then!

Gina is very pretty and turned up casual but smart. She is very shy which is what I have heard.

Brief chat and kissing.... HOLY SHIT can this girl kiss, major fucking turn on, moved from living room to bedroom where she took off everything to reveal the green bra and panties in her photos. DFK unbelievable. Gina liked rubbing herself against me as I fingered her pussy - very wet hips grinding but I think too shy to talk etc. She enjoyed her pussy being eaten/fingered so did I so lingered on that routine. More DFK with her touching me all over, had to ask her to stop several times as the kissing was taking me to the edge. Asked for her to take me in her mouth, very obliging, swapped positions a few times again, very obliging.

Next doggie but had to stop as that was way too good, missionary to finish off with, with her amazing DFK, she had me convulsing for fucking ages afterwards I mean ages, I can only suggest that she had taken me to a crazy level and that was the result, if that makes sense. She did enjoy the hard thrusting as I heard her moan, quite a shy silent girl not like Deviant Ivy who really lets rip.

A little chat after I calmed down, she loves classical music and we kissed again, I was hard in seconds. Im not 22 anymore. Fuck that was less than 5 minutes after I had stopped convulsing so her hand was stroking me, i was rock hard ready for more I asked her to suck me and she very willingly obliged, owo until CIM was fucking out of this world, she made sure I completely enjoyed it with me in her mouth until I finally stopped convulsing, she even went to the bathroom to get wipes to clean me up.

Conclusion; slim girl (size 8) big tits (meant to check her bra for the size :), very pretty, lovely body, flawless skin, DFK out of this fucking world, quiet, very keen to please, OWO mind-blowing, very tight pussy, very very pretty pussy indeed, HIGHLY recommended. Would definitely see again.

I am fucking exhausted now so thats how good Gina was.

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6 review(s) found for Gina27 linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Third Man

Good review mate. I haven't seen Gina for about a year now, as its not easy for me to stop off at hers now. Haven't done a review of her on here for  that reason and didn't think it was best to review old punts from months and months ago. I have mentioned on here however how good she is, probably on Dundee threads as that's where I first saw her. Did do a AW field report on that site and other feedback and also with her previous AW name as Iv'e seen her prob about a dozen times.  Totally agree with everything you say about her, lovely looking girl, educated really sexy and gets right into things. Some of  Really makes  me think I have to try to see her  again!

Offline Third Man

Last sentences meant to read .... Some of my best punts ever. Really makes me think I have to try to see her again!

Yeah its a shame that more people don't leave reviews and use this site cos there is some real shit on AW - how can they have been around since before the war and have next to or exactly zero feedback. Just EE con girls riding the wave ... ha ha pun there somewhere.  :dash:

Offline Third Man

Good point, it's weird because  a few years ago when I started punting as a 'mature gentleman' mostly using the Daily Sport or possibly Viva St, I  met mostly genuine girls, some east European too, some great punts.  If you look at Dundee now on AW  its all scam, junkies,  bait and switch, and Romanian with multiple profiles on there and ES apart from a few mentioned on here the past few days. How can we negotiate that. At the moment I'm lucky I'm not stuck in Dundee. Romanians are the big problem just now. No agencies here or parlours apart from Edin. Cant believe I met Gina in Dundee!

Offline Argento79

Hi Hotintheshade

Don't suppose you could give me a rough idea of where she works from?  Postcode map on AW is so vague.  It's the other side of town from me but just wanted to get an idea of how far the other side of town.

« Last Edit: July 17, 2014, 01:04:36 PM by Argento79 »

Sorry I have absolutely no idea she took a taxi here and back. Im lucky I have have a girl in my place.  The difference in cost is negligible. Message her ... worth a try if you are serious...

Even tho it was vv good I did not think id see her again ... a desire to hunt new blood! Ive changed my mind that level of service ... yeah more needed

I did ask her for you... no reply ... just message her if you are nice to her she will give you what you need.  :yahoo:

Excellent choice  Don't you just love the word 'prurient'
Says it all for me.

Offline Argento79

Cheers for trying sir.  She replied to mail about tomorrow but she was talking about 9pm.  Message sent just after 8pm so perhaps she though I was hoping for today instead of tomorrow?  Mailed her back will see what happens.  Quite fancying a trip to the cinema tomorrow in my first day off in almost two weeks so might poke my head into London Street Sauna for the first time ever if nothing comes of it

Im happy to take girl here... well if I can trust them...Gina just seemed ....genuine ... yeah after first meet I think there is more to this girl .. so I want her sexy ass here very soon. Like a flower opening ....

Second meeting with Gina last night picked her up and took her here. Drove her home afterwards.

She is a real Honey and yep she did open up more but she asked me not to say anything other than the hour and a half was not an hour and a half and she is insatiable but I gave her my best shot.

Felt like we clicked and I want more of this hot thing. Gina as very cautious about meeting new people so if you get to meet her you are very fortunate. So far she has agreed to meet at any time even through the night after my night shift. Gina is a very gentle loving creature that is an Animal once our lips touch. Definitely think I will be spending a lot of time with this girl.


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