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Author Topic: Rachel of Northampton  (Read 1376 times)

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Offline Nimrod


Rachel works at Soft Touch, a long-standing parlour near the Saints rugby ground in Northampton. It's easily accessible from the M1 and there's free parking in a lot 20 yards up the street in front of the shops. The parlour itself is an odd place; not terribly discreet as it has a cafe on the ground floor next door which is often but not always heavily populated and it has a slightly tatty, world-worn decor that's offset by plumbing (showers, jacuzzis) of the highest quality. I've yet to meet a girl there I've wanted to take home, but there have been tubs, taps, and shower stalls I'd have made off with in a heartbeat. The maid/manager is lovely. Soft Touch seems to be going through a room-by-room re-furbishment at the moment though, to be honest, a brothel is a brothel. "Spanking new and tasteless decor" isn't quite the massive advance over "a bit old, tatty and tasteless decor" that you might hope it would be. Anyway, it's comfortable enough and, as I said, you do get access to world class washing facilities. However else you come out of the experience, you'll have reaped the benefits of a shower to remember.

Rachel is probably the body in the photographs (you can't see a face) though since they've been in use for a couple of years (and I actually saw her back then, when she very first joined Soft Touch) they are now out of date. She's gained a few pounds and her body shape reflects that. She hasn't run to fat so I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea but where she was once a size 8 hottie, she's at least a size 10 twenty-something year old now. Punters should be aware of that. Facially, she's a girl next door; attractive in a plain, everyday way. Your chin won't drop -- either in awe or disappointment -- when you see her.

Sadly, the quality of her service (which when she first worked some time ago was really quite good) appears now to have dropped precipitously and my recent visit was, frankly, poor. A truly feeble 5 or 10 minute massage (tip: if you're not going to make even a cursory effort then please, just don't bother) was followed by a no-kissing, no real interaction, very mechanical in-and-out fuck. It was neither satisfying nor enjoyable beyond scratching the  immediate and obvious itch in the most basic way.

On that basis (above), I simply cannot recommend Rachel. "A dull, pedestrian and unmemorable experience from a nice girl who, frankly, has no real interest in doing her job well and just wants to get paid for delivering a service" is about as generously as I can describe what happened. In the past, I have tended to give this sort of punt a "neutral" rating with the benefit of the doubt going to the girl but I have, frankly, had enough. I wouldn't accept the equivalent performance from a restaurant so why, simply because the adult services industry is unregulated, should I accept wasting my hard-earned this way in a parlour?

So, in the end this was a dispiriting punt and a waste of money. If Rachel isn't up to doing the job with a bit of vigour and enthusiasm, she should find something she does want to put some effort into. Perhaps another punter has had a better experience but unless someone can contradict me, I would unfortunately give her a wide berth.

Offline Nimrod

Yep, sorry. I am dumb. This should be a "Negative" and I have asked the mods to change it. Dooooh!

Online vt

Hmm...once complacency sets in...  :(

Offline Nimrod

Half and hour. Sorry I forgot to put this. With my reviews, you can assume this is the case unless stated otherwise!


one bad girl in the 'barrel' kinda spoils it for other girls as i will stay away from the place if passing...

Offline Nimrod

one bad girl in the 'barrel' kinda spoils it for other girls as i will stay away from the place if passing...

Regrettably, in this instance I think that would be wise. I have also seen Carly from the same parlour (simply can't be bothered to review her) and the results were very similar to Rachel. Soul-less and disappointing. A couple of the other girls there that I have met in the line-up were, frankly, not at all attractive (though to each his own).

It's a pity. The management is friendly and welcoming and the location, at least for me, is convenient. But it's a long time since they had a girl who I found to be both pretty and good at the job. Mainly, it's a haven for middle aged MILFs who would come nowhere near finding employment in nearby Milton Keynes.

I too have had fairly disappointing experiences at Soft Touch, but have been impressed by the shower facilities. The last time i went there i felt like i was going through the decontam unit from The Andromeda Strain. The last time i was that clean was prior to birth. I think i had Carly who impressed me by putting a condom on her tongue before rimming me. That has never happened before or since. I came away confused. But i did come.

Offline Nimrod

On the assumption that the condom on tongue trick left her mute, that would have been a positive aspect of the Carly experience if my own punt with her was anything to go by.

And to correct my earlier, and careless statement about the presence of MILFs at Soft Touch they are, to be more exact, MYWWTFs. Mums You Wouldn't Want To Fuck. At least I didn't, anyway.

Offline virgil

In terms of not seeing any women you wanted to take home - I guess you haven't seen Millie there then? She's well known in MK, a (fake but fun) busty black girl who used to have bright red hair and could carry it off.

The place is a touch shambolic - the one time I thought I could get to see Millie the place chose not to open until 1 pm and that was too late for me but not mentioned on the site.
they have recently simplified their pricing but the women are hit and miss as mentioned.

Offline jack daniels

Don't know about Rachel  I saw Carly  I thought she was as exciting as a wet fish  don't bother with her !
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