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Author Topic: Fake Italian WG?  (Read 1674 times)

Offline Jerboa

A lot of Romanian girls do indeed try to masquerade as Italian or Spanish because they feel it sounds better. Sometimes they  have spent some time in those countries and learnt the languages (which are from the same Latin family as Romanian) before making it to the UK.

Have you met the girl in the link? AW have verified her as Italian, so I guess they have seen a copy of an Italian passport for her, so it is possible, but don't hold your breath!! As well as the possiblity of the Passport being fake, Italy do give out passports to descendants of their diaspora which may include Brazilians, Argentinians, etc

Yes, I'm sure you've also noticed a few of the MK ladies are now East Euro, when they where previously Spanish or Italian.

Some punters do have a problem with Romanian girls, a few bad apples shouldn't make a punter steer clear of one nationality, I've had good and some bad from Romanians just like with any nationality.

Now If I found out Lilly Roma escorted, I'd be robbing a bank!  :wacko:

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