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Author Topic: Guide to typical prossie rebuttals  (Read 5564 times)

Online The_Don

Here you go Don...


My understanding is "feed back only" is if a booking wasn't confirmed (I may stand corrected, anyone?) its more like a comment

Offline Pastit

Nice to be able to leave a "positive" for a good, clean girl with a good attitude who gave a first class service though ?  :D
Banning reason: Previously banned prossie stalker

Offline Ali Katt

I have one that baffles me....

Punter.... avoid, not a good service, messes you about
Dirty Doris... why are leaving feedback when we've never met, nor shall we

Now, to leave aw feedback I thought the booking has to be confirmed by the prossie?
Not if it's neutral feedback. But it's already covered. If the girl gave a crap service she probably won't confirm it.

Punter: "A crap shag"
Prossie response: "Punt never happened"
Reality: A typical AW response. While a pimp or rival WG might use fake feedback to put people off seeing the competition, this is rare. The prossie wants to deny the punt took place rather than acknowledge her poor service.

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