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Author Topic: Amina - Butterfly Touch  (Read 4301 times)

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Offline Bushmills

I saw Amina for a 90 min incall about 10 days ago. Been meaning to post a review but no time.



Location: small apartment in a council estate near Pimlico. I did not feel out of place walking to the door.

Physical: Amina opened the door wearing a fishnet catsuit. She is incredibly pretty and very petite. Some on here have noticed her similarity to a girl called Dina who used to work for the same agency. I saw Dina in October 2012 - one of my first ever punts.
Well, she's not Dina, but could be her sister. She says she is from Kazakhstan and is here to study English, but her English seemed pretty good to me.
She's about 5'5, with small form boobs and the kind of caramel coloured skin central Asian girls have. Nice sexy tan line down below and a smooth shaved pussy.
I felt she was a perkier version of Dina.

Service: I had booked 90 mins (£200) for B2B massage and full service with the 'bath ritual'. She had the bath ready and waiting so we undressed and I got in. She stayed outside and gently washed me all over while we chatted. She was very pleasant and giggly but at the same time naughty while washing my cock. Tried to kiss her but she didn't seem too keen on this.

Out of the bath, on to the massage. Nice gentle music in background. This was done gently and sensually, with lots of warm oil and lots of good B2B contact. Those perky little boobs felt really good as they rubbed all over my body, around and into my bum crack. Very attentively delivered, not much eye contact, but it allowed me to just relax and concentrate on the sensations. Turned over, same all over my chest and cock. Excellent.

Then she started licking and sucking my cock. This was also done gently - maybe a little too gently and shortly afterwards on with the condom and she started riding me cowgirl. She has a very tight pussy and combined with the sight of her riding up and down really turned me on. We were a bit slippery because of all the oil so I held her hips and pumped from below. She seemed to enjoy it and came (lots of eye rolling, clutching at my chest and shouting in Russian) just before I came inside her.

She dismounted and I lay back. She continued to massage me as I lay there, condom still on. This was very deeply relaxing and I almost drifted off to sleep.

I had one eye on the clock and knew it would take a while for me to get cleaned up and leave, so unfortunately we called it a day at that point.
She wiped off a lot of the oil, took care of the condom and then I showered - plenty of shower gel etc to remove the oil. I dressed and she showed me to the door, still naked.

All in all an excellent sensual massage from a pretty, perky Asian girl. I have used this agency before and had mostly good experiences, so will be back.

Do go if you like petite Asian girls. Also if you want to lie back and be pampered.

Don't go if you want a girl with big fake boobs and a PSE with lots of sex in different positions.
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Offline Bushmills


I have been back to her quite a few times. She has moved to a tiny flat about 2 mins walk from Earls Court station.

No bath only the smallest possible shower. So no bubble bath anymore unfortunately.

However B2B massage is outstanding. She went through a period of massage only, which was very good, but now back to full service.

And what a full service that is... It ends with her on top, riding me for all she's worth in CG while I squeeze her boobs, screaming in Russian as she cums... I am sure that will be one of the moments I see when my life flashes before my eyes...

New pictures on he agency site (as of about a week ago) give a very accurate representation of her.

She *is* the girl formerly known as Dina - why she changed her name is a mystery, but for those of you who PM'd me to ask, she is definitely the same girl.
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