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Author Topic: Beckii adultwork sunderland  (Read 4219 times)

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Offline safc.lad

Ok not had the best experiences with working girls but found a corker here

Took a chance on beckii as had a hangover and raging hard on

Anyway text the number and a swift reply and organised a session for 2pm. The house was actually tbh walking distance from where I live and next street down from my gf's parents so made a plan to park at the top of the street then text to say I was there. All felt a bit risky but I knew the area well and where I could park out the way
Anyway pulled in at the top of the street perpendicular so I could see straight down from the place I was parked and text Beckii to say I was here. In the meantime when I was looking down the street I saw a bald man mid 40's come out of one of the houses ( after working out in my head what house the number may be) I was thinking it could be a punter leaving and I would be sharing bald mans love juices  :(   . Anyway Beckii text to say she was ready and I walked down to the house .

Was greeted by Beckii who I was attracted to straight away as I though she looked like the Geordie lass out of emmerdale  :D

Anyway paid up for half hour and she came back in knickers and bra.
I would say she is a size 12 and she does have tats although her AW pics don't show them but all in all very attractive anyway

I took her bra and draws off and was just stroking here hips and tits and I knew I wouldn't be lasting long so lay on the bed and asked her to lick my balls to what she obliged with the licking of my shaft.
By this stage all I could think of was fucking her arse as it did say on AW that anal was possible so I just asked if I could fuck her arse as she was licking my cock owo

She said im not sure as its a bit big.

Now im probably 7 inches at the most although its canny thick but I felt good anyway with her saying that  :D

Anyway she said she would try so turned over and stuck her arse in the air for me. I didn't have a condom on and asked to have one ( im sure I caught her on the hop as she was horrified she hadn't remembered)

Anyway I tried to stick it in but all by now (5 mins in) was bursting my load in her mouth so I just took the johnny off and start wanking over her face. She did shout at me that I must keep it off her hair but by this time I didn't care and just give her a facial and in the mouth (she may have spat it out) not sure as it was my first cum for 10 days and I didn't really look

Anyway , very nice and down to earth local (Geordie like :) ) lass

Offline jarrovian

Been trying for a meet with beckii for quite some time now, but she never replies to my emails or texts. I may give her one more go, however I'm not holding out much hope

Offline yorkshire123

Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline safc.lad

Yeah that's her , sorry couldn't post a link on my phone

Offline toon972

It might be my phone playing up,but coming up no longer active

Offline jarrovian

Yep she's gone, very strange, on aw for years, then gets a mention on here and disappears

Offline johnny34

Yep she's gone, very strange, on aw for years, then gets a mention on here and disappears

Shes back, set up new profile 'Beckii2' on Aw (sunderland)

Offline Barry Shipton

Shes back, set up new profile 'Beckii2' on Aw (sunderland)


She says her old one got removed - heard that a few times genuine girls with feedback lose their profiles while some scammers seem to carry on for ages.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Toshiba

The details of youre cock arent really needed tbh, why do people feel the fucking need ?  :dash:

Attention look at me .....just review the punt ffs

Offline hotlips

seen her a few times, said profile was removed and had to make a new one. which is slowly becoming better then the original

Offline fullspec

Lovely lass met her three times was the best kisser I've met and I am a good kisser, the bald man in his mid forties was me (well im Not bald I just shave me head) I reckon we have all tasted others juices lol. On ma more serious note Beckii left AW after someone left her bad feedback shame she was one of my favorites and made the gfe very close to the real thing
Banning reason: Making threats

Offline jarrovian

I would like to see her back, really nice girl, no heirs and graces just did what it said on the tin and very well she did it too

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