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Author Topic: Vanessa Hot Hot  (Read 1567 times)

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Offline nwbrfc

https://www.adultwork.com/2512367 or https://www.adultwork.com/VANESSA+HOT+HOT

Her profile says
"She tall her legs go on forever"
"Can I take pictures or film during our meet? I sometimes allow filming & pictures I do charge extra for this £20 for pictures & £50 for filming"

Communication was via text in which I confirmed 30 minutes and filming (but not the face - par for the course).

Arrived and greeted by the girl in the photos - albeit not tall. Nor smiley. Led me to the tiny single bed room - baking hot inside. Asked me to confirm what time I wanted - 30 minutes I repeated and filming. "Oh no, filming not allowed". I said it had been confirmed, she starting claiming she didn't understand, I showed her the text that said it was, but she said it was her girlfriend who wrote it. She asked if I wanted to stay. My head said go, my cock said stay.

Paid the money and asked for a shower. "It will come out of your 30 mins" she said - still my cock was making the decisions. Quick shower then into the room. She spends ages arranging lubes, condoms and wet wipes. Asked what I wanted. I said oral, sex and anal. "Oh no, anal is not available for less than 1 hour". Eh? I am sure her profile doesn't say that.

She then takes my manhood and compliments its size (always nice to hear, but usually a precursor to disappointment). Then pulls out no less than 7 wet wipes (I swear) and then sets about wiping (my freshly showered) cock then pops him in her mouth - no further than the helmet (deep throat? yerright). Then another wet wipe, then another helmet suck and again and again.

I manage to get hard enough for her to apply the condom. Then told to go on top. She slaps loads of lube on me and her. Spends ages wiping her hands on wet wipes, then lies back and guides me to her pussy. "Go slow" she says "as you're big". Ok, no problem. Get the helmet in and start to push more in when she grimaces and says "too deep" - no more than 2 inches I swear. Try again and she again makes a face and complains it's too deep.

Fuck this I said and got off and pulled the condom off. You're full of shit I said. At this point she's very apologetic saying her pussy can't take a cock deep. I again refer to her profile about taking it deep in all holes. I have my pants on and shirt and she begs me to stay by offering anal. Eh? I'm too big for your pussy but you can take me in your arse? She says yes, please stay. So again the cock takes over and I undress again.

She takes my flaccid cock and tries to apply the condom. After a mammoth struggle she does it and starts her perfunctory oral to get me semi rigid. Then lubes me and her arse and kneels on the bed - again asking me to take it slowly - yeah yeah yeah, I get the message.

And here is where it actually went well. After I broke through, her arse literally gobbled up my cock to the hilt. Her moan as it did, made me harder and I started to fuck her. To her credit she took my full length and I pounded her arse hard. After abut 10 minutes of pounding in the heat of that room I concluded I wasn't going to cum, so pulled out. "Did you cum?" she asks. No I said, but it didn't matter. But I have to question a working girl who can't tell if a punter has cum (especially up her arse).

As I dressed she again apologised for the earlier incident.

As she gathered herself her hair came loose and what wonderfully beautiful girl she can be.

Part of me wants to say this is neutral - the apologising and wonderful anal. But the rest of the encounter makes it Negative in my mind.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline curry

Nationality: Romanian

says it all really? Or perhaps she was sponging and didnt want u to upset anything there so let u bang her back doors in instead   :yahoo:

Offline socks

What a strange encounter that is mate!! You did really well to get hard enough after being pissed around like that to pump at her arse!

Clearly a neg but get the dilemma. Further compounded by her profile photos - perfection, shows exactly what you're gonna get in proper, back front and fully exposed glory. Sets the standard for all as far as I am concerned. I want to know face, body, tits, cunt and arsehole when weighing up who to punt with and she sets it all out for ideal consideration. Pity she sounds like such a fuckabout!!

Now changed her name, removed her pics and hidden her feedback.

Not expecting any more work then!!!

Offline bod666

It will be a different girl using that profile before you know it. Definite pimping, or trafficking at worst.
She does look really hot tho!
Lets see what the next one looks like...

Offline aardvark

The one currently using the profile looks like a cracker! I'd be tempted if I didn't know the history.

Offline broksonic

Nationality: Romanian

says it all really? Or perhaps she was sponging and didnt want u to upset anything there so let u bang her back doors in instead   :yahoo:

You are always going to get a negative punt with a Romanian .
Banning reason: White-knight leaver

Offline Borat

The one currently using the profile looks like a cracker! I'd be tempted if I didn't know the history.

That's still Vanessa in the gallery.

Offline Borat

I think this group operate from Perryfields or something like that.
I remember when I went to see her in Jewellery quarter. Not the best of apartments but walked out as her attitude stunk.
However, I have seen this pass called Cynthia operating from Perry fields and she is perfect looks wise. Attitude stunk as an usual Romanian but once I started hammering her perfect body she started to succumb to the pounding. 

Offline aardvark

That's still Vanessa in the gallery.
Then I fully understand why the OP succumbed to the temptation to try her out.

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