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Offline rnrn636


Not punted for over 6 months. I had given up punting after too many times the experience not meeting up to my expectations. But after pulling some girl at the weekend, going back to hers and being too drunk to cum I was still feeling quite horny so ended up looking on Adultwork and Ukpunting.

 or https://www.adultwork.com/lorena+sweety12

I saw this girl mentioned in another thread on here as maybe someone that does anal and thought id give her a try at only £70 an hour. https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=32457.0

Anal, OWO, CIM, kissing, unlimited  pops and her to wear some sort of uniform all confirmed by text beforehand and she sounded really genuine.

Upon arrival no uniform just normal clothes. Facially not that attractive but she seemed friendly and had a good body so I thought id stay. Pictures are her, age on profile probably about right (23) but this is about the only things correct amongst the lies.

Into the room and a mattress on the floor. She had already answered the phone twice to other people but for some reason i handed over the 70 pounds and once again confirmed all services i was after. She said yes of course then took the cash out to her friend.

She came back and i asked her not to be on the phone til we had finished. She told me to take my clothes off while she stripped too. She had nice boobs and she said to me why am I being shy. I said I am not but I prefer clothes to come off with more passion than getting undressed at opposite sides  of the room.

She told me to get comfy and I lie on the bed, she came over to me and I thought Yes here we go with the action expecting to be showered with kisses but no. Condom straight out for oral. I said I thought oral was without. She said no only with.  :dash:

A few minutes of this and she asked me if I wanted sex. I hate covered oral and she was not that enthusiastic with the oral either so I was glad to.

She was quite tight and seemed to be getting into it. She kept turning away to avoid kissing me. I was enjoying fucking her at this stage despite the no kisses and the shit oral before, but I had come for anal so after about 15 minutes I asked for it. Another no from her  :dash: Next I thought well if I was not able to get any of the services I was after then I was going to try for 3 pops in the hour so I stopped holding on and I let myself cum while fucking her.

I then asked for a quick massage while I recover. She said you can only cum once because I have ran out of condoms and need to fetch more from the shop, so there will be no more sex after this massage.  She tried to answer the phone again but she could see I was pissed off and put it down.

We were only about 20 minutes into an hour booking so I thought right I have paid for an hour so I am going to make sure i get my full time and have a 40 minute massage.

massage started well but after 5 minutes her effort became less and less until it became one handed.  I turned around and she was texting on her phone.  :dash:

Time to give up and I told her I was getting dressed. She answered the phone to yet another punter who told her she was outside. I was going to tell him not  to bother if our paths crossed but I did not see him.

Also while I was getting dressed another girl walked in saying her friend wants to use the room so my time is up. I told her I was going anyway.

She told me that 3 girls all work from the same house and they all use the same room for business. I imagine its like a conveyor belt of lies between them to get as many punters in and out the door as quickly as possible between them. Its on Southey Street so avoid avoid avoid any of them!!!

I think they are all romanian. She said she was spanish but we all know what that means.

Thats probably me done again with punting, its too much of a minefield. I just felt the need to warn people.

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The feedback would put me off straight away. Obviously all done by the same person giving all profiles the same feedback to each other.

As the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

Don't let this put you off though, there's plenty of genuine girls out there.

Offline Taggart

One of the feedbacks crossrefs to a Romanian bloke. Pimp?
I hear alarm bells ringing...........

Offline deuce14

Aye, she'll be as Spanish as the the 'Spaniards' I fuck in central Lincoln. I can't believe the Romanian prossies are still trying that pretence.

Sounds like a crap punt, least she was not super expensive...

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