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Author Topic: xxHot Nikitaxx  (Read 1113 times)


She works with Natasha just off Crwys Rd

She must have set up around 3 new profiles with different names in the space of a week n a half, when I saw her she was as cold as a fish, wouldn't kiss, only wank you with a condom on, avoid, must be why she is re-inventing herself, on the other hand her WG partner Natasha is a lovely girl, just goes to show that attitude is key in this game.

Offline HughJardon

Im sure these girls started out at angels simply the shittest, they must have took to welsh living and an easy buck.
As we saw by natashas last partner if they dont bring in money its back to bucharest.
But they are crafty cunts anyway this lot, if not very sexy.

This girl was Amy when I last saw her, Natasha answered the door and it was looking like I was going to have Natasha again so I asked for Amy, thats when 'Hot Nikitaxx' came in, she's been here for about a month and just keeps changing her name with a brand new profile.

Wish I had Natasha again, just I have a 'one bang rule' which to this day I haven't broken, its their honour for my to go back again, says a lot for them lol

Offline HughJardon

Im like you and if im paying i dont want to see the girl twice unless theres unfinished business or i can get a freebie out of them. Anyway natasha has text me twice asking when am i gonna see u again darling, so business cant be great, and she cant blow smoke up my arse.
Anyway she does ride a good dick so i may return, im looking at vivian next tho !

Offline HughJardon

Also i like the girl to humour me with a bit of moaning gasping etc fucking her is like chopping at ivan drago no emotion i gave her my best moves and nothing not a murmur, thats her downfall..

OMG if thats the case your gonna fucking love vivian

She has re-invented herself again guys, now 'Classy Scarlett' https://www.adultwork.com/2569225

Offline JV547845

In her book Classy = `Here's a photo of me with my tits out' lol.  Also I always thought `curves in all the right places' like `bubbly', `larger lady', `real woman' and `not a bag of bones' etc. was code for being overweight.  Sometimes I go for that, but she looks skinny as hell in the photos, so they must be old. 

They are not old bud, i saw her 3 weeks ago and she is skinny (unless she's been taking the same stuff as The Nutty Professor, nice body, if she had a personality then she would be ok, she just lies there doing her nails when your ramming away, I'm an 8 incher, she took it like it was nothing!! rolling her eyes around (not because she was cumming) just cold as a fish, if anyone likes fucking dead people, this is the girl for you

Well she's Tiffany Temptress at the moment. . I fucked her a few hours ago just for her body.. truth is she is ok.. I asked first what she did and what she didn't do. . Her English is limited. . Oral without. . Kissing etc.. she advertises that she takes it in the shitter but she don't. . Bit pricey for what she offers as a service but like I said. . Just wanted to fuck her one more time.  She did do basic kissing with some tongue and sucked without which was brief. . Fucked her in a few positions on top.  Underneath. . From the side.. beautiful little arse and her pussy is tight.. I ain't no big dick but her cunt felt tight.  Worth a bang or two.. she's going back on Monday but will be back in about a week.. she said she was here with her sister and father.. so I assume natasha is her sister.. and the guy spotted in the bog could be her dad..  :D

Offline aardvark

A family business.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, sweet ..............

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